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When I started reading Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template, I found meditation to be more effective because the book provides details that weren’t there in everything else I’d been reading. I think I’ve said before on twitter that I had a really strong desire for knowledge and the thought “I want knowledge” was what manifested the path of learning that’s unfolded, this was just before I picked out Journey of Souls at the library. I can’t just manifest anything with my thoughts though, the thought and feeling had pure intentions and was obviously part of my path. A recent example of this is a thought I had about something I wanted. It was more of a preference though, no one specific, but the preference was very specific and it was based on compatibility. That thought then led to a series of unexpected interactions with someone who fits that preference, including telepathic and energetic as well as visions and it’s been confirmed by a tarot reading I did for a question I wanted answered. What I do is shuffle them while I’m thinking about my question and a card will pop out of the deck, so I shuffle them until I have 3 cards and I lay them out from left to right, but because of the pole shift of the Earth (Divine Architecture explains this) I’ll look at the cards from the opposite side and usually when I do this it makes more sense from that perspective, but with this one it could go either way. So it all depends on circumstances and personal will. Anyway I was practising the visualisations and the information I was reading was acting as a memory trigger, so my awareness was expanding. After reading about half of the book and using the information in my meditations, I reached 5D. I felt lighter, in every way. My body, mind, heart and soul. I felt warm, dreamy, happy and free. I wasn’t angry any more. I let go of everything, or transcended everything and I felt nothing but love and compassion for everything and everyone. The thing that I realised though is that I’d already felt like this before. This is an excerpt from my diary that’s dated 20/08/2017: “I’ve been thinking about who I used to be. I have come a long way. But I can’t help thinking back to the times when I felt certain feelings that I can’t really explain. I wish I could get them back. Maybe I will one day”. The feelings that I couldn’t really explain were the ones I’ve just described when I was in 5D. I hadn’t felt them for so long and I’d been through so much that I forgot what they even were.

I was loving it in 5D. Nothing could touch me, not even the gangstalkers and their pathetic attempts to try and bring me out of it by making my throat itch and giving me electric shocks. This feeling lasted for 3 or 4 days, then I started to feel a cold coming on. My nose was starting to get blocked, so I meditated and as I was meditating my nose cleared up. It wasn’t blocked any more. I could still feel this cold trying to take over me but my body was fighting it off. I was either abducted that night and exposed to it or they released it in my flat when I wasn’t there because I ended up really ill the next day with the flu. It put me back into my 3D body and set me back big time. This is why I think the coronavirus is just part of their plan to keep everyone living in fear and plugged into the 3D matrix. I mean a week after I started my blog, the guy who lives downstairs who moved in a few months after I did knocked on while I was writing a post. He’s never knocked my door once in the 2 years I’ve been here. I had my music on but it wasn’t even that loud. I already know he’s a gangstalker, so I answered it and he looked like he was in some work uniform, bearing in mind I hardly ever see or hear him leave his house and I’m in most times. Long story short he asked me to turn my music down because he was trying to sleep (this was at 1pm in the afternoon) I said no and I ended up shutting the door in his face. He was banging his fist on my door but I had a bath running and I needed to keep an eye on it so I told him to fuck off and went back upstairs. So about 5 minutes later and literally as soon as I got in the bath the man started knocking my door again on and off for a good 5 minutes. The thing with these people is they follow orders from their masters, and they obviously waited until I got in the bath so they could tell him to knock my door again just to try and ruin my peace and fuck up my writing. All of a sudden this guy’s got a new job working nights a week after I’ve made my blog and he’s knocking my door while I’m writing a post and running a bath? Yeah, really believable. I’ll go into more detail about it when I do the gangstalking post.

I was buzzin when I finally got my blog finished and made my welcome post, and they knew that. You can probably see the difference in my first few posts to my newer ones. On top of that they’ve been fucking with my old laptop. My USB stick kept disconnecting and changing to root only permissions while I was trying to flash Linux onto it to put on my new laptop. They don’t want this to happen but it’s happening. I had a clairaudience voice speak to me while I was on the bus about a month ago and it said “They can’t stop you”, and they can’t. I know that now and so do they. So they create this coronavirus to keep everyone distracted. I don’t even believe any of these news stories to be honest. Don’t forget they control the healthcare system as well as the news so autopsies can be faked and so can numbers.