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This post is about the unexplained bruises and needle marks that appeared on me and my ex gf and how I knew I was being abducted. Here are some quotes from The Mars Records:

“18th January 1997
Summary: This session starts off by looking at a dream he had the night before. However, the ‘dream’ seemed to be a real incident involving aliens. Evidence for this was the appearance of a small triangular bruise on his arm. This was apparently as the result of the aliens taking a blood sample. These aliens were involved with the navy.” page 126

“7th October 1998, Indianapolis IN USA
This session was done to find out what happened on the night of Saturday 3rd October 1998. The morning after that night, Michael woke up and showered. He then noticed two scars, each approximately 3.5 inches long on each side of his groin area. The scar on the right side of the groin area had a dark purple-ish triangular mark at the upper end of the scar. The triangular mark was about ¼ inch long. It had dark indentations at each corner of the triangle. The purple mark went away after a few days but the scars remained and still remained 4 months later. They were photographed 2 months after they appeared, when they were virtually as clear as when they first appeared. Michael felt that there had been some change made in his reproductive area. It may or may not be significant that the day before these scars appeared, Michael had an intensive treatment with Young Living Essential Oils (‘Raindrop Therapy’) which are meant to be 100% pure and are placed directly on the skin. This produced a bright red spot about 3 inches wide where the implant at the back of his neck was thought to be. It was theorised that this may have affected the implant, and that the ‘visit’ described next was at least partly to repair the damage, but we don’t know this. In this session, Michael remembered a portal opening in his bedroom at night. Two people took him through to what looked like a hospital, where work was done on him. All of the beings there, except for one, were human.” page 210

Here are the photo’s of the bruise I found on the back of my leg when I woke up. The lighting wasn’t that good on the original, I increased the contrast so it’s more visible. Increasing the contrast and cropping it are the only changes I’ve made. I’ve made lines at each point of the bruise, as you can see it’s triangular in shape. There’s some non bruised skin inside the bruise which is strange. I think it’s probably the point of contact. There’s also a spot underneath and based on the quote above I think this is where they put an implant.

The next picture is of my ex gf’s arm. We went out one night for drinks and she noticed the needle marks in her arm the next day. They weren’t there before we went out. Again all I’ve done is increase the contrast so it’s more visible and cropped the image.

The quality of the images aren’t that great I know but they’re clear enough.

As I’m reading The Mars Records again and searching for the keywords I need, I found these quotes from one of the sessions.

Did someone do something to you to make you be recruited? I got tonsils removed (The reads on the question indicate that the answer is ‘yes’) page 138

What’s happening? Someone did something to the roof of my mouth. They did surgery through the left hand side of the roof of my mouth. It feels soft and painful there. (Note: This is the same area where he was having a problem with a tooth, which was necessitating his trips to the dentist.) page 269.

The first quote gives me an idea of how they’re able to abduct me and use me on Mars. I had my tonsils removed when I was 5 or 6 years old. I used to see shadows floating on the walls when I was about that age or maybe younger and I remember having vivid dreams, I can’t remember what these dreams were exactly but they may have been about the past and the future, both in this timeline and other timelines. Everyone has an energy signature, which is confirmed in this document, and I read somewhere that they’re able to see spiritual and metaphysical energy on some kind of map, so that’s how they’re able to target starseeds and lightworkers with psychic attacks. The second quote is relevant because some time last year I started getting a pain in my wisdom tooth, it got worse as the days went on and eventually my jaw locked up and I could barely open my mouth to speak or eat. It was so painful I had to take codeine. Because of the memory blocks I’m struggling to remember what it was I was speaking/tweeting about but it was definitely something they didn’t want people to know about. Another thing is when I was telling my ex gf about what I was reading on the phone one day I suddenly in mid conversation wasn’t able to breathe and my head felt really heavy, that’s never happened before. I think my wernickes commands were kicking in or I was being blocked by a reptilian in the room or by a remote viewer.

Is there a reptilian in the room? Yes (we can both sense it as an energy)
Ask it, what is your purpose in being here? Interference” page 234”

“Was your body in bed the whole night? Something’s interfering
Locate the source of the interference. People. They’re jamming me telepathically. A person. Doing it just now.
What species is doing this? Human
Is a machine involved? Yes. A machine with a human behind it.
Where is it? Washington DC” page 285

I’ve also had stabbing pains in my chest while talking about The Mars Records. These are called radionic attacks. I’m getting them right now and I’ve been getting them since I woke up this morning. It’s interesting to note as well that 3 members of my family have had to go to hospital with chest pains within the last few years, tests were done but nothing was found.

Radionics Definition: Radionics is the utilization of an unusual energy or energies in devices to produce natural phenomenon or effects. J.G. Gallimore

“I had been attacked by radionics once before, about two years ago in Australia, around June 2000, a couple of months after releasing The Mars Records Book One. I suddenly felt a pain in my left breast. Around January 2002 I started working on a new project. Also, it was around this time that Book Two was stolen from our apartment – I wish I had written the date down now. I started to feel radionic attacks again. I suddenly felt a hot, burning pain in my left chest, just below the left breast towards the midline.” page 72 of The Mars Records Book 2.

Another thing to mention is that after I started reading The Mars Records I’d wake up feeling like I was on a come down, and I hadn’t drank alcohol or taken drugs the night before. I felt like shit even though in my mind I’d had enough sleep. I remember going out for a drink on one of the days this happened and I was spaced out, I couldn’t focus properly so the drugs must have still been in my system. Adding to that, I woke up one day to find a price tag stuck on my t shirt, I thought where the hell did this come from? There was no way it could’ve come from my bed because my bed was clean and so were the covers. I’ve still got it, but I won’t be posting a picture of it for security reasons. There were characters printed on it, one of them had been written in pen. I think this is the activation code that they use to bring me through the portals and I think they stuck it on me purposely. I’m not sure why. Probably to test me like the gangstalkers do and it’s probably their way of saying they own me.

Move to the beginning of the incident and tell me when you’re there. (He does so). Move through the incident telling me about it as you go. I get an image of a person in a door, in the wall. He says “come with me”.
Does he give you a specific word to make you go with him?(he names a thing. We will call it X)
Any others? A colour (he names a colour. We will call it Y) XY. I think it’s Y
Any other words? (He names a number. We will call it Z) He says “Come with me, Michael-identification – X Y Z. I go through the portal. I’m back in hospital. Put on a robe. It’s very cold in there. One person referred to me as “Mr Relfe”. I asked another question. They answer “Yes Captain”. They’re very friendly. I’m not alarmed. I’m led into an examining room. I lay down on a table. It’s cushioned. I’m very tired. They give me something cause I’m very tired.
What do they give you? I don’t know
Repeat “I don’ know”. I don’t know. I don’t know. Scopalamine
Anything else? Eurythromyacin
Anything else? Aspirin
Anything else? No. They open up my mouth. They’re doing something to the upper left hand part.”

I know they’ve been abducting me recently because when I meditate in the morning I can feel the pressure in my nose and I find it hard to visualise. This is the same pressure I started feeling when I first started reading The Mars Records and it’s well documented in the sessions. There’s a transmission I found online that removes all negative alien interference, alien implants, contracts, vows, agreements etc that were made during abductions or past lives. I know this transmission works because the first time I listened to it I started getting the pressure in my nose when he called upon psychic surgeons from Sirius to remove implants from my crown and third eye chakras. My decision to take my own life wasn’t really an emotional decision. It was a logical one. I thought I’m not gonna allow myself to stay here and be abducted, violated and used by aliens and the government and tortured by gangstalkers day in day out. I thought I can just go back to the spirit world where I’m safe and loved, there was no hope when I decided to do that. Things change. I’m enjoying writing and sharing all this information with people, I was worried I wouldn’t have enough content but it’s writing itself to be honest. Every post leads me onto something else and I can build on what I’ve already wrote. Even though I’m still being abducted and gangstalked, I’m shutting out all the noise and focusing on what’s real and true and positive. I’m finding comfort in humour, solitude, gratitude, energy and self care. I’m sleeping better, feeling better, doing better, smiling more. There’s no restlessness, no impatience. Everything unfolds as and when it’s meant to. Divine timing. The divine plan. I feel grounded, connected, calm. And I’m seeing the beauty in everything. I also received a download yesterday, it started while I was meditating. I asked archangel metatron to release me from the false light matrix (I learned this from the transmission) and my head dropped instantly like it always does when I ask this, then I asked him/her/them to open up a channel to connect directly to Source. Then my download started. A download feels like a cool or sometimes warm tingly feeling in the top of your head which is where the crown chakra is, you’ll also feel this energy flowing through your body. It’s basically an upgrade and you feel stronger, wiser and better once it’s complete. I’m full. So nice try but I’m here to stay.