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The way things played out once I started reading The Mars Records was too obvious for me not to believe it was true. Let’s start at the beginning. “If you have metaphysical abilities, there is a high chance that you have been subjected to alien or military abduction or mind control at least once in your life. And maybe a whole lot more than that.” On page 3 there’s a list of metaphysical abilities. The one’s I knew I had were Telepath – receiving, Empath – receiving, Clairvoyant, Manifestation, Advanced Knowingness and Healer. It also mentions feeling some resistance to reading the rest of the book. I definitely did, like an uncomfortable restlessness, but I kept reading anyway. Something interesting to note on the next page is a quote from Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, ‘BUSINESS that is – BUSY NESS’, “As long as ‘they’ keep you busy, they keep you from your true purpose, which is growing and evolving spiritually, and helping others”. After reading the Hidden Hand interview it felt like more pieces of the puzzle were starting to fit together. It also says that if you’ve ever been involved with the military or are even related to someone in the military, then there’s a high chance that you’ve been abducted as well.

In the first few pages they’re already mentioning Yahweh, mind control, ritual abuse and bloodlines. It goes on to talk about Wernickes Commands, these are the commands they give you after they’ve drugged you to stop you from remembering anything. “Kill yourself if you remember. Your heart will stop if you remember this. This will happen if you remember this (shows person video of horrible things). Kill your son/daughter if you remember this”. Those are just a few examples. The married couple who wrote the books are using a form of healing called Kinesiology to remove these commands and to help people recover their memories of being abducted, including themselves. It’s also talking about alien circuitry that can be placed on the body. “This circuitry is invisible and metaphysical, but it’s still there. It can be in the form of plates with bolts at the corners, especially over the heart. And wires, especially coming out the crown chakra and back of the knees”. I’ve felt my heart chakra blocked while I was meditating with my girlfriend at the time and I’ve also found it impossible to visualise anything at times (more so after I started reading this) so this was making a lot of sense. They can place this stuff over any of your chakras.

It’s also talking about the C.I.A (this couple are from america) and microchips from vaccines, they can use these chips to lower your metaphysical abilities. Kinesiology can also tell you which species were involved in your abduction, they include humans, reptilians, draconians, greys, insectoids, hybrids and other aliens. “Relationship troubles may be caused by commands inserted into the brain during abduction”, my girlfriend at the time didn’t believe any of this when I told her, even when we both woke up with strange unexplained bruises on our bodies (I’ll get to that later, and I’ll have to see if she still has the pictures on her phone). She’s got metaphysical abilities and is also being gangstalked but is on the fence about it all. Most likely because of the commands, and not wanting to believe something this disturbing is possible. Can’t really blame her for that because I’ve been there myself. You can’t keep your head in the sand forever though, especially when the evidence is staring you in the face. It’s got a list of things you can do to stop the power of your abilities from being lowered, the only thing on there I don’t agree with is not listening to rock & rap music. They must be hardcore Christians. One thing I’ve noticed as well with not just the abductions, but the Directed Energy Weapons and the RFID chips is that it’s easier to abduct/influence you when you’re in a vulnerable/open state. So that would be when you’re under the influence of alcohol and drugs, when you’re angry, anxious etc. Even when you’re happy.

Before I go through the transcript of Stephanie and Michael’s sessions I’ll touch on something that’s mentioned in the run up to them in the book. There’s a visual representation of the time line of Michaels experience from when he was first recruited into the military. The diagram shows that he was recruited in 1976, went through a jumpgate to Mars (yes, a jumpgate. they’ve had the technology and ability to do this for a long time),
spent 20 years there (until 1996) and when they were finished with him they used age regression to reverse his age to when he first joined the military, then time shot him back to 1976. He then served in the real military for 20 years and was honourably discharged in 1996. I know what you’re thinking. It sounds like something from Star Trek, which I’ve always loved by the way. But as the hidden hand said, they keep these things a secret but hide them in plain sight. The inspiration for these movies and shows don’t come out of thin air, they either come from the people pulling the strings in Hollywood or they come from writers and producers who have inside knowledge of these things.

There’s a lot of information about the equipment they use that I’m not gonna go into, I’m just gonna pick out the parts that correspond to my own experiences and maybe some other interesting things that are in there. You can download the books here and read them for yourself to see what the biofeedback meter does and how the reactions correspond to Michaels answers. The summary of session 2 is: “The main discovery of this session was that he was employed in an outfit called Tech Psi to kill people and aliens with his mind. This was done with the help of a machine which increased his abilities during remote viewing”. As Michael moves through the incident he states that he’s in the barracks sleeping when they come for him (abduct him – they do this through portals which I’ll touch on in part 2). He then remembers being in a hospital with “A Grey”. When Stephanie asks if there were any drugs involved he replies “There’s a little bit of pressure – above my nose in the middle” then later on when asked if he ever got to do remote viewing he says “A lot. It’s my job. Everything. Safety. Pressure between bridge of nose”. When I started talking about what I was reading to my then girlfriend while we were on the phone, I started getting this weird sensation in my nose, it’s sort of like you need to sneeze but it’s more of a squeeze or pressure as Michael puts it. I never felt this sensation before reading this book.

I know there are people out there who are also talking about alien abductions which is why I’m going into as much detail as possible. I watched an interview late last year of Dan Ackroyd talking about abductions on a radio show and I noticed that he was clearing his throat a lot and sipping water every so often. This is one of the symptoms I’m getting from the RFID chips, that itch in your throat that WILL NOT go away no matter what you do. Dan, you’re targeted and they’re trying to stop you from talking about this shit. Hang in there man and don’t stop talking about it. People need to know.

Michael then goes on to say he was trained in offensive as well as defensive. He’s then asked again if he killed anyone, he says he’s sorry. “How many did you kill?”, “A lot. 70. Bad people”, “People or aliens?, “Both”. As this is only session 2 out of 109 sessions, I think Michael’s awareness at the beginning as he’s moving through incidents is hazy because as far as he was concerned when he was doing these things, he was on the good team and was fighting the bad guys. Clearly the things the military are doing to him are not good at all. They abduct him against his will, use him for their own purposes and agenda, drug him and block his memories so he doesn’t remember any of it. So when he says bad people, what he really means is anyone they want to get rid of (This becomes clear as more and more clearing and memory recall is done on Michael, I’m just pointing it out now so you understand). This is what I think they’re doing with me. I hate to think that I’ve done anything like this. If there were Kinesiologists here in the UK that specialised in alien abductions and memory recall then I’d be there like a shot, but there aren’t. If there were they’d probably pay them to lie to me anyway.

They sabotage everything. My healthcare, my relationships, my post, texts/phonecalls/emails, items in my home, you name it. Anything that’s gonna make my life better, they’ll destroy it. This is one of the reasons why I’m leaving. I decided this weeks ago and I’ve already set a date. I can’t trust anyone ever again as long as this whole thing exists, anyone that comes into my life I have to worry about whether or not they’ve been sent by them. That and the fact that everyone’s still spying on me. And somehow people I know, know about my twitter when I never even showed them or mentioned it. The only person I’ve shown my twitter to is my ex. So clearly there’s something I’m not seeing, and since no one wants to clarify anything I have to come to my own conclusions based on the available information. I’m not gonna go into that just yet though. I’ll post the second part to this as soon as I get the pictures of the bruises and needle marks emailed to me. In the next few posts I’ll be talking about the problem with social media, privacy, representation of minorities in the media and more about fame. If you want to contact me there’s a comment box on the about page.