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In the week leading up to that date I was put at a low frequency by the gangstalkers depriving me of sleep using the RFID chips and energy manipulation technology. Late in the night of August 22nd I was made to believe I was communicating telepathically with someone, for 3 days after that I had no RFID chip effects, now that I’ve had a chance to gain some clarity about the whole situation from that point on, I can see that this was done purposely based on what I’d written on here about gangstalking, the person I thought I was communicating with and the 5th dimension. There’s no mistaking that I heard this person communicate with me when I first started my blog, what was said (or thought) to me/my blog (same thing), I heard loud and clear in the persons exact tone of voice and accent. There was also a telepathic moving image combined with a wave of energy that I felt at 10am (exactly) 5 – 6 weeks after I heard their voice. I’m guessing the connection became stronger due to increased attention coming from both sides and I’m guessing that’s what time this person wakes up. The secret space programs (or people with certain technology from secret space programs) will obviously have known about this because they’re keeping track of me and my energy, what I now know is that I was tricked by them using the RFID chips, they used phrases based on the persons personality to make me visualise them and they used energy manipulation to make these artificial thoughts feel intense so that I’d believe it was them. They were also going off the life purpose adjustment reading I did (which I wasn’t even gonna post but was manipulated into posting), the story I started writing after I did that reading and basically the whole profile they have of me. I think both me and the persons telepathic abilities have purposely been blocked so that this plan could go ahead.

Even though it’s been a negative experience I’ve learned a lot from it that I feel I should share with others, so that they have clarity about their own lives and circumstances because I care about them and want the best for them. I’ve been forced to think about my past and it’s led me to believe that I may have been put under mind control and sexually, physically, mentally and emotionally abused from a very young age and had the memories of those traumatic events blocked. What I’ve learned from the being/beings who are with me now is that they have probably been with me all along, it’s just that now I’m in a certain state of awareness I’m able to see them. I doubt it’s the same person, I think they’ve tricked me into thinking that so that it looks like I learned everything I know from them and that I should be indebted to them (classic abuse tactics). The beings are able to cause certain bodily reactions to make you think you’re feeling something and to make you think things about others that aren’t true. They can cause tightness in the head, headaches, muscle pain, stomach knots, nauseas feelings and sexual feelings. They can manipulate the energy of animals as well. There’s so much about our reality that we’re not aware of, that’s how the controllers keep control of us. If we’re not aware of our reality then we’re not able to make informed decisions and it’s by making informed decisions that we’re able to make the best out of our lives and make the healthiest choices possible. They hide information from us to keep us in a state of confusion and to block our progress.

It’s served a purpose in terms of ‘the game’ and the inevitable ascension of the planet and humanity but that purpose is coming to an end. Hidden truths are coming to light about those who have power over our lives, but we don’t need to wait until they’re fully visible to be able to take our power back. It’s really easy to give your power away to others, it can be done in a variety of ways, whether that’s seeing others as above you, feeling indebted to others or putting other peoples needs before your own, the important thing is to recognise it so you can be more a empowered individual.

I came across this list of programs that are implemented and used in mind control which has shone a light on a lot of things for me, past and present, I hope it can do the same for others.

It’s also worth reading this again.

I know this probably seems confusing based on what I’ve already shared but this is the most accurate explanation of what’s been going on for the past few months.