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David Icke and Qanon are the most recent examples of how the mainstream media are trying to silence the truth. Their facebook accounts have been removed. This is an act of desperation. I don’t know why people in alternative media keep saying “this isn’t about David Icke”, it is about David Icke. The link to the PDF document in this post? It’s written by David Icke. I didn’t know much about him until recently, so when I found that document it was my first time reading it. My dad used to talk about shape shifters but I never really took any notice, and of course I’ve come across information about reptilians over the years but I just found it hard to believe. Until I came across The Mars Records and realised everything I was reading about was actually happening to me. Why did I find it so hard to believe before? Because it wasn’t in the mainstream and I wasn’t as awake then as I am now. I have to see something in order to believe it. And trust me, I’ve seen.

I was subjected to censorship on twitter when I posted a picture of the way Israel have been illegally occupying Palestine since 1947, which I’ll talk about in more detail soon. It wasn’t formal censorship, after I uploaded the picture I could no longer upload any images. I kept getting an error code saying the file was too large even though it was well below the size limit. They never formally do anything to me, they use hidden, underhanded methods to try and silence me because they wanna try and minimize my importance, good luck with that.

If different people, who have no previous connection to each other keep saying the same thing then it’s time to start listening. Qanon posts intel drops on 8chan but these sites are managed by others who keep all Qanon posts in one place so they’re easy to find. These are the sites I use to get Qanon information. (searchable) (categorized)

#WWG1WGA !!!

*While I respect the people of the movement deeply, I no longer respect or support the leader of the movement. Later posts will explain why.