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It would be terribly remiss of me, not to mention cruel and irresponsible if I didn’t mention my newly formed opinions about Israel. It’s not a change of heart because I know my heart has always been in the right place when trying to identify and highlight injustice, so let’s call it a change of mind. This change of mind has been sparked by people who are much more educated than me on the history of Israel and the Jewish people, who are Jewish themselves, as opposed to an article I read one time years ago on a website which most likely contained bias and as I can see now was missing important information. Being mixed raced I know that the only people who truly understand racism are those who have been on the receiving end of it, so I trust their words and their knowledge. And this holds true for every ethnicity, including the white people who are being purposely excluded from certain goods and services in the United States and who are being made to feel guilty for crimes they’re not personally responsible for just because they’re white.

Having learned more about the soviet union – which I knew nothing about, it wasn’t part of my school curriculum – and how the ideologies and tactics from the soviet union are being used today, and how Jews have been persecuted in different era’s throughout history, I’ve come to believe that there absolutely should be a Jewish state. Not that I didn’t believe there should be a Jewish state before, I just didn’t agree with the way it was being achieved, I was also getting my information from the wrong sources. Having seen the video of a top Hamas official recently urging others to find Jews and behead them, to call Hamas anything other than terrorists would be ignorant and foolish. These are the words and actions of terrorists and Israel has every right to defend itself against them.