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Hmm let me guess who’s idea that was. The government? *waits for those so eager to correct me to chime in if I’m wrong*. The NHS and other healthcare workers around the world saved peoples lives everyday before this happened so people should be clapping for them anyway regardless of “COVID-19”, if that’s what the healthcare workers want that is. Personally my way of showing love to them is by showing them the truth of the situation, which is more than I can say for the UK government, so I hope there’s some healthcare workers reading this. I know the police are because I spoke to one of them when I was sitting in the park the other day. My advice for dealing with the police is to, if possible, strike up a conversation with them and ask questions about these stupid government orders. Despite the recent stories of them being unreasonable and forceful they’re not all bad. I was shown leniency. She probably fancied me tho lol. Back to the government, the PPE situation is a disgrace and it’s even more proof that the government doesn’t have peoples best interests at heart. Something as simple as PPE and they didn’t even have it covered. How pathetic is that. How do I feel when I hear people clapping outside my window? I feel sad for them to tell you the truth. The government are takin the piss out of them. That’s just one of many problems in the UK. One of them being Piers Morgan. Can someone tell him that him feeling the need to speak or “fight” on behalf of women for women’s rights and feminism is the very definition of patriarchy. Nice one. Apart from that it’s nice to see so much light shining through the darkness.

I’m streamlining from now on so my posts will most likely be short, I’ve said enough and shared enough resources for people to go back and look at. Believe it or not it takes a lot of energy and thinking power to write my posts, which I need to be using on other things at the moment. I’m feeling good, I straightened my hair for the first time in ages the other day, when I finished doing it I looked in the mirror and went “Phew, where have I been? Lol”. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to get back to blasting my music drinking southern comfort and lemonade and dancing round in my underwear wearing my sunglasses.

By the way if anyone’s got a problem with what I post, feel free to chip in towards the hosting fees.