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And so was SARS, which is a coronavirus to begin with, as stated by bioweapons expert Francis Boyle in this article. I knew it. I just let myself get sidetracked, that won’t be happening again. I’ve only just researched the origins of coronavirus properly, don’t know why but up until now I was looking at mainstream media news sites aka government mouthpieces, still it was useful to compare it with the alternative news sites to see how much they lie and to see how uninformed they really are. I found the article using the privacy based search engine DuckDuckGo, they don’t track you, they don’t control the ads that lead you to the fake and corrupt WHO and the CDC and they don’t profit from peoples private data. Corporations like google, twitter and facebook are and have been for a long time working side by side and hand in hand with the government to censor the truth and spread lies. Why? Because they benefit from it. Apparently the ceo of twitter has donated $1 billion to his LLC called Start Small to help fight coronavirus, hardly charitable when its a for-profit organisation (meaning the profit goes to him) that also allows him to make donations to political parties and get tax breaks from it. They all do it, including the ceo’s of amazon and microsoft. That’s how they make all their money. They also make it off the backs of their users. They’re not philanthropists as the media like to call them and they don’t deserve any applause, they’re greedy, self-serving and full of shit.

How convenient as well that the day after I posted my last post the mainstream media started using images of people on stretchers and people in body bags being loaded onto the refrigerated trailers. There could be anything in those bags. And why weren’t they using those images before? Because it’s all staged that’s why. They’re so desperate to try and prove me wrong and mislead people that they’re failing to see how obvious they’re being about it. Anyone who goes against the “official narrative” is painted out to be some crack pot, nut job conspiracy theorist and they’ll do whatever they can to discredit them. Nurses are being gagged so that they can’t share what’s really going on at the hospitals and they’re trying to debunk the 5G “conspiracy” with doctors who are paid to tell absolute lies.

Here’s a link that explains the health risks of 5G. I kept getting multiple redirects to error pages on this website so I had to create a new circuit on Tor (they’re trying to stop disclosure of any evidence)

If that link doesn’t load here’a video of British Physicist Dr Barrie Trower who trained with and worked for multiple government agencies talking about the effects of microwave technology (Wifi/5G) this is the video that’s used in the article above.

They released the virus deliberately and let it infect as many people as possible before alerting the WHO (who already knew about it anyway) so that they could start pushing their vaccine agenda, which is directly linked to 5G. The vaccines are gonna contain microchips, and the microchips are part of an ID agenda as well as a way to control people through the 5G towers. It’s basically gangstalking without the people they recruit, but they don’t need people to do their dirty work any more, they’ve got the towers and the equipment they’re putting or have already put into space. These technologies are Directed Energy Weapons. If you want a visual or a scenario then think mass crowd control. That’s why anthony fauci is denying the success of hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus, him and bill gates are in each others pockets, and Robert F Kennedy Jr, nephew of former president John F Kennedy who was most likely assassinated by the deep state for speaking out against them is exposing both fauci and gates on his instagram. Go and take a look for yourself. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that his granddaughter and her son died last week either. I had no idea about bill gates vaccine history, and when you read it you’re gonna be shocked. Why am I focusing on the US? Because they’ve got the largest economy in the world and it’s where most of the corruption stems from. The pentagon, the cia, the fbi, the black budget operations and the judicial system. Here’s the article about Robert F Kennedy’s instagram.

The basis of my initial theory was that they released it on purpose, and they did, and they’re using the media and organisations to lie to people about what’s going on. You can’t just accept what they’re showing you mainstream, you have to question everything and do your own research. That’s the only way you’re gonna get any answers. I’d urge everyone not to donate to any vaccine research, especially the bill gates foundation. In fact you need to get your money back! And if any of this information isn’t reason enough to start boycotting these corporations then I don’t know what is.