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I’ve mentioned in a previous post the transformation process that starseeds go through when they’re activating/ascending, now we’re in the time of planetary ascension, everyone’s going through this ascension process. I’ve said before that our bodies are adjusting to the new frequencies, and there are some physical and emotional symptoms that come with it. The symptoms include fatigue, headaches, nausea, digestive upsets, emotions and thought patterns that come up for clearance and release, skin peeling (our bodies are changing from carbon based to liquid crystalline) and irregular heart beat/palpitations. So people aren’t just dying from “COVID-19”, they’re dying because their bodies can’t handle the new frequencies. A lot of the deaths are being reported with people having underlying health issues like diabetes and heart problems. If the irregular heart patterns I’ve been experiencing these past few weeks are anything to go by then I can see why. The Earth changes are evidenced by the data from the Schumann’s resonance. They’re also mentioned in The Mars Records. One of the reasons they stopped abducting me was that they realised it was useless, I’ve got my twin flame to thank for that. Now I’ve got the facts and the evidence, it’s a case of a clash of the media titans. Light vs Dark. Truth vs Lies. Me (We) vs Them. I was wrong when I said it doesn’t really matter who’s responsible, it does matter because they’re the one’s taking people’s money to fund a deadly vaccine. When I said that I was basically trying to minimise the fact that I could’ve been wrong about me triggering the ascension, but to be honest it’s still a big possibility. I was also listening to the lies being fed from the WHO to the guardian. See how dangerous it can be when you believe lies? I’ve edited my posts to match my new perceptions.

I keep putting COVID-19 in quotation marks because the virus itself really isn’t that serious, not if it’s being treated properly anyway. What is serious is what it stands for. The original name for it was ‘nCoV-19’ then they changed it to “COVID-19”. What’s the D for then because there’s no D in coronavirus. I’ll tell you what it really is, it’s COVERT ID 2019. As in the covert ID agenda they started in 2019. They’re flaunting it in everyone’s face. “Who’sever’s fault that was we’re gonna go back and take a look at that when this all over” you mean when you and bill gates have made all your money off the vaccines and killed more people with them? How about it gets looked at now fauci? Because I’m sure they’ll find lots of conflicts of interest with you and bill gates. And hopefully it’ll lead to some arrests and indictments. These people think they’re above the law man. How ironic as well that he refers to the inflation of the death toll as a distraction. Yeah, it is a distraction, the truth’s waking people up from your lies!

Hmm what’s next. It’s decision time, are we gonna continue listening to these lies? Or are we gonna start listening to the actual experts and start thinking for ourselves? We should be outside enjoying nature. There’s nothing to fear man, get your zinc and vitamin c up and go outside. If it’s dangerous for you to do that then go when they won’t see you, go where they won’t be able to find you. Feel the Earths new frequencies, the new energies. You deserve to feel it, and Gaia supports it. The higher you vibrate (thoughts/emotions) the more you kick the lower, darker vibrations in their ass and bring the Earth into harmony. Tell you what though I kind of feel like I’m in a parallel universe whenever I’m in a shop, the masks, the fear, the markers on the floor. It’s all really weird and unnecessary. Please make use of the alternative news sites I’ve linked to and share this with everyone you know. Thanks.