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Just spent the past 8/9 days battling with demons sent to me by who I’m sure is part of pizza gate. I found out through investigating that these demons had been attached to me since birth, they’ve been attached to my cat as well. I know this because during this ordeal I had a spiritual experience where my head was being lifted with my third eye chakra being in perfect vertical alignment with the sky, when I found out the demons were attached to me and my cat I was thinking about how I could remove and release them and then my head began to be pulled up towards the sky. I was a bit scared at first because there was a lot of panting involved because of the demons conflicting with the light and my ascension guides, guardian angels and other higher dimensional beings who are protecting me, but through letting go of fear and fully surrendering to the experience I received a gift from them, after the experience my hands were tingling, my whole body was tingling when I had the healing from higher dimensional beings so I knew that if it was only my hands that were tingling then that had to mean something. I’ve been writing a story for the past few weeks so I realised that it had to be something to do with writing, it was the period before the full moon as well so I could harness the energy of it and utilize it to write a releasing ritual. I was also given the gift of being able to fully feel the energy of these demons, after the experience whenever I had a thought or said what I was going to do (yep I talk to myself) the demons would get angry. The energy was the ugliest thing I’ve ever felt, so much anger and hatred, through my new awareness and heightened third eye ability I could feel/see the energy attached to me, I thought I’d use this to my advantage and think/say things so they would reveal information, it worked and I’ve learned a hell of a lot about the world and other people. My third eye is now magnetic to what’s hidden or unseen to the naked eye which I also used to my advantage, don’t think I need to say any more about that one.

The reason I know who sent the demons was because of a dream I had a few months ago, I was at home and jon podesta and hillary clinton were in my living room but they were husband and wife and went by different names, this was after I found out everything about pizza gate so it wasn’t like it was a warning about that, my cat was wearing a black collar with a square medallion hanging from it, he doesn’t wear a collar in real life and jon podesta and hillary clinton were both wearing necklaces with a black square on them. It didn’t make sense at the time but it makes perfect sense now. The square of saturn is one of satanist’s symbols. I already knew they were sending me more curses after I’d returned the other ones and I was just waiting for the right time to return them, but this was totally different than that, the curses can make you more clumsy and feel like a bit of a zombie being controlled by something, these were actual demons, I found out that there are different kinds and that there were multiple attached to me and my cat. Thankfully they’ve all been removed and released and I came out of this experience better and stronger.