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I’ve just been looking at some alternative news sites and I read an article about the twitter hashtag #FilmYourHospital. People are recording the hospitals the media say are experiencing an overflow of Coronavirus patients and a high number of deaths and these hospitals are like ghost towns, so are the tents that they’ve been supposedly using. They’re using dummy’s in the news footage, reporting people dying from Coronavirus when they died from something else and even reporting people dying when they’re very much alive. So it seems I was right about them faking the number of deaths. They do this every election year to keep people distracted and make it seem like they’re saving us from something deadly when the fact is, the system is deadly, and we don’t need them for shit. But thankfully that’s becoming more and more apparent to everyone by the day. Despite how they’re trying to make things appear in the media, they’re losing control, and these desperate attempts to try and cling on to the little remaining power they’ve got left is really amusing to watch. They underestimated us. Big fucking mistake.

Another thing I’ve been seeing is mainstream media sites spreading 5G misinformation and lies and the censorship of anything that goes against the “official narrative” by facebook, whatsapp, youtube and twitter (facebook owns whatsapp as well as instagram and google owns youtube). I signed the 5G space appeal last year, it’s supported by 50,000 scientists/doctors/environmental organisations around the world who have proven evidence of the fatal health effects of 5G on humans and the environment. So while the story of the bat being infected with Coronavirus because of 5G may not be true, you can 100% believe that RF radiation from 5G on top of 2G/3G/4G is extremely dangerous. You can read the appeal here. I’m not promoting or encouraging vandalism or anarchy but I am really pleased to see the 5G towers being burned, it’s a good sign that people are seriously questioning their reality and refusing to have these harmful technologies imposed on us. Ultimately I think what they’re trying to do with this Coronavirus is increase surveillance, increase censorship and roll out a false narrative, create a fake cure and get everyone vaccinated (the vaccines will contain nothing but toxic and harmful properties) to get us all hooked up to the 5G network. So I think it’s time to start investing in and using decentralised and secure forms of communication, social media and media hosting. You can find lots of those on It’s gonna be a change from what you’re used to but what would you rather have? Convenience and familiarity or freedom and positive change?

The weather’s bangin today so I’m off to the park with some brandy to soak up them cosmic rays 🌞 🍾 ✨

Stay safe and stay woke 💜