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It’s a fundamental human right. Even for those with the most abhorrent views and opinions. Everyone should be able to say what they want, short of being verbally abusive. Some people might think I’ve been verbally abusive to the likes of HELLen degeneres, I prefer to think of it as a truth slap and a much needed reality check for her and her mates. In the ever growing age of censorship, free speech is being replaced by things like ‘fact checkers’ and twitters new ‘wrong think’. If your opinion doesn’t match with the ‘official narrative’ you’re smeared and you become a target. If twitter thinks you’re about to say something ‘wrong’, they’ll alert you before you post it, essentially acting as your conscience and a filter for your ‘wrong’ thoughts. As draconian and 1984-esque as that is you have to marvel at the irony and the sheer hypocrisy of it. Real life and media platforms are two different things, but both of them influence each other. Take cancel culture for instance. My blog isn’t a newspaper or a TV channel. It’s not a corporate entity therefore there’s no agendas. I created it, I pay for the hosting, I’m the sole writer of it and it’s personal and a part of me. I’m an independent thinker and content creator who isn’t bound by the same rules that other platforms are. I can and will say whatever I want. I’ve removed peoples names from my blog because I don’t agree with their views. Doesn’t mean they’re cancelled, nor does it mean I want them to be cancelled, it just means I’m not willing to promote their views and I don’t wanna be affiliated with them. I don’t agree with cancel culture. I don’t think you should be able to ruin peoples lives and careers at the tap of a few buttons on your phone or your computer, and I don’t know how to break it to cancel culture but you can’t just cancel a whole person, they’re not a computer program running an operation, they will still exist after being ‘cancelled’. But saying that, there are certain ideas and opinions that don’t belong in this society anymore, you only have to look at history and the progression of civil and human rights to know what those ideas and opinions are and how destructive and oppressive they can be, especially in the areas of power and influence. So we have the absolute (that which history has shown us and what has formed the basis for our current society) and we have the debatable. The problem is this is all subjective, the absolute and the debatable can be warped and interchanged with each other based on your own individual perspective, which is full of different inputs and variables. This can be either positive where the absolute (power structures etc) become debatable, or negative where the debatable (ideologies such as white supremacy and patriarchy) are seen and presented as absolute. So what do we do about that? Well, the debatable should be just that, debatable, the problem is the imbalance of power. Instead of having a handful of people in positions of power whose words, actions and ideas affect millions of people, it should be the other way around. Millions of empowered people in charge of a handful of issues. This is already beginning to happen with the toppling of statues and people using their collective voices to affect change within the media and other industries. People keep saying you can’t destroy history, I won’t get into the scientific and metaphysical elements of history (the past), I’ll leave that for another time, but I will say that this was all helped along by Mercury REtrograde. We’re REviewing, REthinking and REshaping our society. I don’t get offended by things as much as I used to, I find most things either laughable or pitiful, sometimes both. And now that I’m in a position where I can change things I don’t feel so powerless, so I’m not as angry and reactive as I used to be. Sure I have my limitations but I feel empowered, and it’s my duty to try and share that empowerment with others. Change begins with you, and your voice matters. Even if I didn’t have such a large audience, if I inspired just one person I would’ve been happy with that, because that person would go on to change their lives, and in turn change the lives of those around them and so on. My free speech has been threatened by gangstalking, if I let my circumstances overpower me then I wouldn’t be here speaking to you now, which is what their goal has been all along. I think we should all pause, think and take a step back before we react to things, easier said than done with the emotive and polarizing issues we’re facing, but if we want to reshape our society that’s what we have to do, we have to learn to listen to each other and be more compassionate and understanding, even with and especially with the people we don’t agree with. If we don’t we’ll just go round and round in circles and never come up with any solutions to the problems we face. Solutions that benefit everyone.