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I tried out /e/ a few months ago on an S4 mini, the installation was fairly simple and most apps could be downloaded from the app store but it was a bit buggy, the app store would crash a lot, unless it was being done remotely. Apart from that I think it’s worth trying. I stopped using smartphones when I realised I was being spied on through them 4 years ago. Camera, microphone, everything. So I’m glad I found out about open source privacy based mobile operating systems, I do find smartphones useful, and I guess it would come in handy to have a phone to do things like online shopping/paying bills online/private messaging etc. leaving my laptops free for doing everything else. I found a new OS called GrapheneOS that sounds good so I’m gonna give it a try. It won’t stop people from being able to spy on my phone calls and texts but it will give me a sense of privacy and security as well as convenience.