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I’ve just finished reading various articles and watching some video’s about Harry and Meghan’s decision to take a step back from ‘Royal’ life. I’ll admit, even I was a bit shocked when I heard the news. But I think it’s a really positive, healthy move for them and baby Archie. The scale and intensity of attacks and scrutiny from the press and the tabloids have been ridiculous and are clearly racially motivated as well as being sexist. Of course people like Piers Morgan won’t agree with that but it’s a fact, and I’m sure he’ll have even more headline’s and tweets to indirectly target me with after he reads this. After watching the video’s of This Morning and Good Morning Britain, I can’t believe what I’m seeing to be honest. Well part of me can’t believe it, and another part of me has a theory as to where all this ignorance is coming from but I’ll talk about that in another post. In these video’s (I’ll post the links at the end) there are 3 women of colour, sitting there telling the hosts and giving them clear examples of racism in the media and they’re just having none of it. I’ll give Susanna Reid her props though for agreeing with Afua Hirsch about the comparison between Kate Middleton’s baby bump headline and Meghan’s. The part of me that can’t believe it is the part that grew up seeing things on TV like people being booted out of Big Brother for using racially offensive language, thinking that racism will not be tolerated on national TV. Another part of me that has recently experienced the ignorance of white people (not for the first time of course just in an unbelievably insensitive way – I’m mixed race by the way) now knows that most white people aren’t aware of what’s considered to be racially offensive, and if they are or you bring it to their attention they get defensive about it. The way they see it, if a racial slur (nigger/paki) hasn’t been shouted or sneered at anyone then nothing racist has been said. I read a really good book that explains this in detail, it’s called ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People about Race’ by Reni Eddo-Lodge. It explains the history of racism in Britain and I highly recommend it. It’s important to educate yourself about these things so that you can spot it when it happens and call it out for what it is. The opposite of denial is acknowledgement and acknowledgement is what’s needed here. Now let’s move on to the press and the tabloid’s.

It seems like the general idea of being in the public eye is that you have to put up with the paparazzi and having your whole life scrutinized, written about and reported on by the media. It ‘comes with the territory’ as they say. Ok, well who said that’s a good thing? Because it’s not. This obsessive need to know what’s going on in the lives of others is not healthy and it’s not normal. Don’t even get me started on women’s magazine’s like Take A Break. “SO AND SO’S DIVORCE NUMBER 3”, “SO AND SO’S WEIGHT GAIN”, “WILL SO AND AND SO EVER FIND LOVE AGAIN?”. Apart from the overtly judgmental, nosey, gossipy tones and the promotion of this unrealistic idea of beauty, who fucking cares? Would the people who make these stories and headline’s like it if their lives were splashed across magazines and newspapers and their every move or mistake commented on and criticized? No they wouldn’t. So what if Harry and Meghan wanna follow their own path. So what if they wanna be free and independent. So what if they want their privacy. Not that I’ve ever had much faith or interest in the ‘Royal’ family, but in the past when Harry was serving in the military and the video of him using a racial slur leaked, I was quite disappointed. But I don’t care what people have done in the past, I care about what they’re doing now. And from what I’ve seen of him over the past few years I’ve got a lot of respect for him.

I put the word Royal in quotation marks because I don’t believe in any sort of higher than or lower than system or mentality. I believe in equality. So the idea that people have Royal blood doesn’t seem right to me because we’re all human and we all bleed the same. That’s not to say that I don’t respect some of the charitable work they do because I’ve had to rely on a charity that’s funded by the Queen and it really helped me out, and people close to me have taken part in The Prince’s Trust scheme which they’ve found really helpful and beneficial to their lives. What I don’t respect though is the hierarchy and the system that it’s built on.