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When I read the Hidden Hand interview I was shocked, amazed, mindblown and confused all at the same time. I’d not long finished reading Journey of Souls, which is what confirmed my experience with the higher dimensional beings who came to heal me. Even though it was informative, I still had a lot of questions. This interview shed some light on a lot of things. The Infinite Creator (Source) they speak of is what’s mentioned in Journey of Souls. In the book it also talks about spirits/ghosts which I’ve come into contact with and it also goes into how souls communicate telepathically in the spirit world and also on mental worlds, or mental planets to paint a better picture. The reason the book confirmed it is because when they came to heal me, I was scared and I didn’t know what was happening. So what happened was I got a flash of an image of the letter I wrote to God in my head, this put my mind at ease and I thought ok, this is why they’re here. Then I relaxed and surrendered to the experience. I’ve described it before as having a hug from someone you love but amplified x1000. I’ve never felt anything like that in my life. It was pure, unconditional love and positive energy flowing through my whole body. Afterwards, it made me think about how they could have put that image in my head. I started thinking about how we send and receive texts/phonecalls etc, how they’re sent over frequencies and then brain frequencies. So it made sense to me. I didn’t question it or be like how is this possible? And I’m no scientist, nor did I have any interest or real knowledge about science. I just thought about it and it made sense to me. This was two years ago.

“You are actually becoming a genius! Your DNA formation is changing, so the cellular structures (blood, bone and brain) are changing. You will begin to change on a psychological, emotional and physical level as you merge these levels with the spiritual aspect of self.” Chapter 11 ‘The Starseed Awakening’ of Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension. I can already see and feel my intelligence growing through the questions I’m asking, the knowledge I’m seeking and the way I’m able to piece information together to form ideas and arguments (still a bit dumb in ways but y’know). At that point I still didn’t know or realise I was a starseed. I knew I was psychic because I’d already had precognitive dreams and precognitive knowledge of a future event, and a few months prior to this healing I had an extreme opening of my pineal gland (Third Eye). All of my abilities are starting to grow now. Memory, manifestation, telepathy. The thing is, every human has these abilities, not just starseeds. Starseeds just have a prexisting advantage because they’ve already lived lives with these abilities in different worlds. Through genetic engineering and modification, these abilities have been blocked. Humans are supposed to have 12 strands of DNA, not two. This is our birthrite and it’s been blocked and stolen from us by the controllers (‘The Ruling Elite’). But the grand awakening and rEVOLUTION is upon us, and despite all of the negativity in the world and in my life, I’m so excited and honoured to be a part of it. This is a really important time for Earth and everyone’s watching. Other planets, other races, higher dimensional beings. No need to try and be famous anymore because we already are. All those sci-fi/adventure/superhero movies we’ve all watched? Well this is our movie and we get to save the world and ourselves from the bad guys. How cool is that? We’re all in this together.

Getting back to the interview, this person talks about an event called ‘The Great Harvest’. Which I now think is actually a metaphor for Earth moving from 3D into 5D, which is what’s been happening for the last few decades and I think that shift is now complete. Prominent figures like Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, John Lennon, Tupac, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Lady Diana. They were all spiritual warriors and leaders who were living from a heart based 5D consciousness and they all created great change. They inspired and continue to inspire all of us to finish what they started.

“Most of what you hear termed as “abductions”, are conducted by your own ‘governments’. Especially the ones where the ‘so-called’ “Greys” are involved. Other than that, sometimes the Confederation will meet with certain incarnates here who have a part to play in “awakening” others to the coming Harvest. These will always be positive experiences, and those who have them will feel uplifted and inspired by their contact.” I didn’t pay any attention to this at the time because I wasn’t aware that I was being abducted. When I started reading The Mars Records, I realised that I was/had been abducted because it says at the beginning that they choose people with special abilities i.e Psychic, Telekenesis and so on. Also I think the ones who healed me were from the Galactic Confederation. I was on the edge. If that didn’t happen I don’t know what would have became of me.

“The only ‘Reptilian’ influences that are in anyway remotely involved with this planet at this time, are those of the Zeta Reticuli and Alpha Draconis systems. They are of no particular threat to you.” This is a lie. The reptilians, among others, are working with the government on secret projects on Mars. They can invoke negative emotions in you such as fear, anxiety and anger. They can also speak to you telepathically. What I now know though from reading The Mars Records is that there are actually good reptilians living here on this planet that want to help us. So, like in any race of beings, there are good and bad. No race is inherently evil. I’ve only just started to be able to see them as my abilities have been growing, so who knows how long they’ve been influencing me. You see if you’re not aware of these things, you’ll think these feelings and thoughts are coming from yourself. You’ll be down on yourself for being so angry, so anxious that you can’t be around people and for having certain thoughts. Once you become aware that these things exist, it will change your whole perspective. Awareness (that includes self-awareness) is key in being able to discern what’s going on around you and within you.