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My observations about brad pitt had nothing to do with him appearing as fauci on SNL, I had my suspicions about him after his golden globes speech, him appearing as fauci just confirmed it. He referred to his little hollywood club as a team sport, this was after I’d posted the link to the PDF about gangstalking on twitter, which is exactly how they themselves describe it in there. He also said something about acting that I’d said to someone when I was at home watching a film with them. I was talking about how much I loved Denzel Washingington as an actor, I said “he really brings himself to the screen in every role he plays”. When I found out about fauci’s lies, bill gates vaccine history and their connection to each other I still didn’t know they were both part of this satanic club. Until the microsoft ad with spirit cooker marina abramovich was released, this was after I’d said they were flaunting COVID-19 ‘Covert ID Agenda 2019’ in peoples faces (check the dates, dates are important). So I’ve removed the words bum buddies out of that post out of respect for the victims, to leave it there would be glorifying to fauci and gates and objectifying, minimizing and shaming to the victims.

After brad pitt appeared I started to wonder whether lorne michaels was involved, that was confirmed by a tweet they posted when they realised they weren’t getting to me. I did some research and I found out that John Belushi, one of the original members of the SNL cast once threatened to burn lorne’s house down, and ended up dying of a drug overdose, like many other cast members and hollywood stars. Everyone knows they murder people who are a threat to them so my guess is he knew something and was gonna expose him. I’ve also been doing some research on #pizzagate, #frazzledrip and joe biden’s ice cream obsession, all of which I knew nothing about before and which I’ll talk about in a minute. First I’ll start with tom hanks. Seeing as I knew brad pitt and lorne michaels were in on it I thought I’d type his name into DuckDuckGo with the word pedophile and see if it yielded any results. I found the link to this thread on Reddit.

Before I summarise the thread let me just tell you that tom hanks was arrested in Australia, this coronavirus bullshit was just a cover up stunt to keep up appearances. If they were in self isolation then why would there be a bar code at the top of the door? They’re in a room inside a government facility. Take a look at the comments on his twitter and instagram posts.

“There’s no crying in baseball” is a line from a movie he was in and it’s a message to all of his sick and deranged friends who are part of this. It basically means they’ve all lost the game and to not get upset by people criticizing them for what’s about to be exposed. I’m just gonna say that I think there are people who are part of this who have no idea about the details outlined in the hidden hand interview, they just do it for their own sick pleasure. Let’s look at the clips from the thread in some more detail. So the first one is from jimmy kimmel live. In this sketch tom hanks can be seen with his daughter who he’s training to take part in the ‘ultimate sexy baby’ pageant. Her t-shirt has a logo saying ‘bosom buddie’, take note of the colours yellow, green and pink aswell because they’re gonna be important factors when linking all of the information I’m providing together. I think yellow is the colour that symbolises young children of both genders, green symbolises when a child is ready to be traded for sex and pink is the colour that symbolises virginity. Even if you didn’t know about tom hanks, this sketch is the perverse adultification and sexualisation of children. He even repeats the words ‘sexy baby’ when addressing his daughter. One thing you’ll notice with these sketches is, unless you know the true meaning behind them, they make absolutely no sense. His daughter is neither a baby or a toddler.

The second clip in the thread is from SNL, and there’s another longer clip of tom hanks playing his alter ego david s pumpkins in a halloween special but it’s no longer on youtube. The person who wrote the thread has seen it though and describes what happens and what it means.

Here’s bill gates dressed as david s pumpkins for a Reddit AMA (ask me anything).

I came across the next couple of clips after I learned that lorne michaels is the producer of the tonight show and the late show. But first I’m gonna talk a bit about katy perry. I’ve never been a fan of her music, I liked two songs on teenage dream and that’s it. I find the music dry, generic, unimaginative and uncreative, that’s why all her music video’s are so dramatic and filled with so much occult symbolism, to keep people hypnotized. Images of Moloch, the pagan god of child sacrifice can be seen in her music videos and her perfume royal revolution and the promotional content she put out for it. Now let’s look at her husband orlando blooms most recent instagram posts, who also works for unicef.

Chick magnet emojis and a yellow heart.
Horn hands emoji, fauci lovers, pedophile hand signals, yellow clothing. Look at the comments.
Yellow heart and horn hands emoji, little girl wearing green, horns on the front of the building.

Back to the clips. There’s probably hundreds of these sketches across the board but I’m gonna use these two to make my point. The first one is a “parody” of the breaking bad series from the tonight show starring jimmy fallon, only they’re using jokes as a metaphor for children. I’ve only watched the first few episodes of breaking bad so I don’t know if they use the same metaphors in it, but I’m guessing they probably do. Here’s an article with some comments from Mel Gibson on hollywood that will explain the metaphors they use in this sketch.

Notice bob odenkirk’s yellow socks, the mention of boy scouts which you’ll find in the illuminati mind control PDF I posted, the pink bear in the background when ‘gus’ (I don’t know who that is) is on screen and his yellow shirt, the name of the food place on the bucket of chicken which translates to ‘human chicken’, jimmy not wanting to sell his ‘purest joke’ which I can only assume is a metaphor for his daughter, bryan cranston in the audience throwing pizza at jimmy (pizza is the code name for young girls which was found in the podesta and clinton emails, chicken is also a code word for young boys) and jimmy finally agreeing to trade his ‘purest joke’ to ‘gus’ who literally laughs his ass off and can then be seen struggling to walk, which is a metaphor for the child being sodomised and being unable to walk properly afterwards because they’re in so much pain.

That video then led me on to this sketch from jimmy kimmel live. It stars bryan cranston and aaron paul. He shows the hand signs for Moloch when mentioning his 6 emmy wins and there’s a pink bear in the background, he says no to all party theme ideas but agrees to the lion king (which I’ll explain in a minute), when trying on outfits his bff bob odenkirk loves the silver suit (hillary clinton was said to be wearing silver spandex in the frazzledrip video so this must be another one of their perverted themes), bryan entering the party dressed as a lion through a circle (a circle is a symbol of virginity), aaron paul arriving in the same lion costume which makes bryan cranston angry and tells him to leave, they then compete with each other over who’s the best lion, aaron paul is even referred to as a former child star suggesting that once an abused mind controlled child has reached a certain age or stage in life they become a lion and then go on to abuse other children.

Roar by katy perry supports this. California girls ft Snoop dogg/snoop lion is another video to watch. Remember from the tom hanks Reddit thread that candy symbolises a child’s innocence.

Yellow heart.

I was being nice for Harry’s sake. I don’t respect anything they do or anything they’ve ever done. They’re as much a part of this whole network as the rest of them and they’re bribing the press so they keep their mouths shut about what’s going on with prince andrew.

The only reason I’ve embedded the youtube videos is so you can see them in their true light.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Keep watching.