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Apart from shop closures this is pretty much everyday life for me. I don’t see anyone, I hardly speak to anyone and I rarely leave the house so, not much of a change for me. I’ve been reading the news to keep an eye on what’s going on around the world, in places like South Africa and India things are really bad, the police are beating people and firing rubber bullets at them and making them carry out humiliating acts for not staying at home. People have had their homes and families destroyed by riots and fires, the government and the wealthy just sit there and do nothing while people starve. “We’re all in this together”, well yeah we are, but some of us are having a much harder/easier time of it than others, and anyone only making large donations to their countries alone should think twice before saying those words again. So rather than focus on any inconveniences lock down is causing me I’m thinking about that.

I’ve been doing energy work (sending healing and light to the Earth and the world), making sure I’m eating properly and taking my vitamins, reading, listening to my favourite cd’s and music channels and some solfeggio beats, watching buffy again from the beginning and other films and doing research for my script and writing it. I’m using this really good program called KIT Scenarist and it’s got loads of useful features. You can add images, like a mood board which is good for visualisation. And it gives you an estimated time frame in minutes and seconds for every part of the script you write. I’m finding cooking quite therapeutic, chopping, stirring, seasoning. I’m a very sensory person as well so the colours, the sounds, the smells. I’m appreciating the little things. The quiet outside, the birds singing. Making sure I drink enough water and drinking herbal teas like ginseng, green tea and chamomile. And doing yoga when I feel like it. I haven’t been meditating much. That last download I had, jheez, it was a hot one! It’s never been that hot before. And I remember the day after I received it I tried to meditate in the morning and even days after and I just didn’t feel like I needed to. Oh and there’s an art piece I’ve been meaning to finish that I wanna try and get done. That’s it really. Hope everyone’s doing ok.