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Because we’re now at a solar minimum, we (us and the planet) are receiving an abundance of light from the cosmic rays. As well as receiving this light we also have to give light to the planet and everything and everyone in it. It’s an energy exchange, and it’s a way of doing our part to help the planet and ourselves evolve. The best way to think of this evolution from carbon-based bodies to liquid crystalline wave forms is you’re shedding a skin, just as a snake sheds its skin, or even the way a butterfly emerges from its cocoon. There’s a method you can use which I learned from some channellers over at, it does work and you’ll be able to feel it work while you’re doing it and afterwards.

So first you say (you don’t have to say it out loud you can say it internally) “Universe please give me more light”, you’ll receive this light instantly, if you’re not so attuned to the universe or your body you might not feel anything but I can assure you you’re gonna receive this light. So after that you can say “Thank you. Now please give me more light”, again once you’ve received the light say “Thank you. Now please give me even more light”, then “Thank you”. I usually stop there but I think you can ask for as much light as you want as long as it’s being sent outwards. Now you’re gonna send that light out into the planet by saying “I am sending light to (____)”. So you can start with your partner, then your family and friends, your pets, the collective consciousness, every living organism on this planet, the planet itself, and then you can send light back out into the universe. You should notice that you feel lighter. You can add more specific targets to send light to if you want. When you’ve finished take a few deep breaths, and that’s it.

So whenever you’re feeling anxious, dizzy, nauseas, lost your appetite, have a tension headache, experience heart irregularities or any other unexplainable symptoms try it out and see how you feel afterwards. Now I wanna tell you about something called ‘The Event’. It’s gonna be a kind of mass, accelerated awakening caused by huge solar waves hitting the planet, so just as we’re experiencing cosmic rays now we’re gonna be feeling that on a much bigger level. It’s gonna feel AMAZING. If you remember me talking about the experience I had with the beings from the Galactic Confederation then you can think of it as feeling exactly like that, and I think that’s one of the reasons they came to me, so I’d be able to give people a heads up as to what it is/what it means/what it will feel like. Your whole body will be bathed in unconditional love and light and all trauma will be healed. It’s not gonna happen yet, my guess is it’s gonna happen after the 3D structures fall and the dark forces have left the planet.