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Not innocent protesters or bystanders. This flagrant abuse of power from the police is embarrassing, and to think this is happening in the year 2020 in the US is just shameful. The sooner people start using their brains and hearts instead of their ego’s and muscles the sooner people will stop needlessly dying, citizens and police. Who’s briefing these police officers? What’s being said in these briefs? There’s no strategy, no intelligence and no emotional intelligence. It just looks like a free for all, and it’s not just against black people, it’s against everyone. I have seen videos of police officers standing in solidarity with protesters, but that’s a very small minority. The majority of police just seem to be using the protests as a way to let off some steam. It’s completely unlawful, not to mention unprofessional. The 4 police officers involved in the murder of George Floyd have been charged, which is a result compared to similar cases in the past. But preventative steps must be taken so that people won’t have to keep protesting and fighting against these injustices. Is it wise to defund the police? No not really. But police reform is something that’s long overdue, that’s not the only problem in this situation though. Systemic and institutionalised racism still exists within the judicial system and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency). The judge in the Trayvon Martin case allowed evidence of his marijuana use to be used in the case, and most recently the DEA have been granted permission to investigate protesters of George Floyd’s death. This is undeniable racial profiling and it’s one of the many consequences and by-products of white privilege and white supremacy.

Now let’s look at Israel. A young, autistic, unarmed Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli police last week. He was 32 years of age, I described him as young because he had the mental age of a 6 year old. He was on his way to school when Israeli police ordered him to stop for a search because they thought they saw a suspicious object that looked like a pistol. He was understandably scared of these armed police officers shouting at him so he ran away from them. They then proceeded to chase him and shoot him. When they conducted a body search no weapon was found, and they say they thought he was a terrorist because he was wearing gloves, something that isn’t uncommon given the coronavirus. Full details can be found in the article below.

What’s happening in Israel and Palestine is a modern day apartheid which has been achieved with the help of both the British government and the US government. The Israeli government and the system they’ve created share striking similarities to the ‘colonisation’ of Native American land and the political and socio-economic elements that came in the wake of the abolishment of slavery in America. Palestinians have had their land stolen, their possessions destroyed, their rights stripped, their lives taken and they’re treated as subordinate and second class citizens. All in the name of religious extremism (zionism). To get the full picture I recommend watching the documentary below and reading the article underneath it outlining the role US administration has had to play in this.