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About a year before I started my blog I had a vision. I was at my friends house and we were just chilling upstairs with her sister, this was around the time when comedian and actor Robin Williams had taken his own life. We were talking about him and suddenly a wave of energy came over me and I had an image of jim carey in my mind. I’d never experienced anything like that before and I knew it meant something but I wasn’t sure what. A year later jim carey was in the news because his girlfriend had committed suicide.

That was when I knew I had a psychic gift, I felt blessed to have this ability. At the time I just thought I’d predicted a future event, but knowing what I know now about Pedowood and the fact that jim carey was on epstein’s flight logs I can see that I had this vision to further cement my belief in this “conspiracy theory”, and to share this information with others so that it would help them to believe it as well. A few months after that I created my blog, I’d already decided to do it a few months before and that was a time in my life when the people, places and things I once knew and loved were beginning to fall away. I realised that I didn’t have any supportive people in my life, people who had my best interests at heart, and I was starting to see how much of a negative effect the people around me were having on me. This is what I was talking about when I said I was so committed to the path I was on (my creative and spiritual path) that I left near enough everything behind. I was committed to living a more positive and healthy life, and I wasn’t gonna let anyone sway me from working towards the goals I’d set for myself, not anymore. So I stopped telling people about my plans and just went ahead with them, and I started to believe in myself so much that it didn’t matter what others had to say about it. I had to cultivate a lot of self love, self awareness and awareness of the world around me has been a big part of that.

Going back to jim carey, when I first started this blog he went on a talk show and did this bizarre performance:

I found it quite unnerving and unsettling to be honest which was probably his intention, and all I can think of now is that they were trying to upstage me and draw attention away from my blog, because they knew what I’d be writing about from what I’d posted on twitter about satanic rituals and child sacrifice. I don’t doubt that jim carey’s a narcissist, and I think he drove his girlfriend to suicide with narcissistic abuse because she might have been starting to suspect something or even possibly knew something. What did she mean about introducing her to prostitutes? Why would you both be using prostitutes when you’re in a relationship? It doesn’t make any logical or contextual sense. Did he edit the note? And did the police cover that and more up to hide the truth? Probably.

So what does Robin Williams have to do with all of this? Well the link here is suicide, and we all know what ‘suicide’ in the entertainment industry really means. Look at Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, Issac Kappy, Bernie Mac etc. Was Robin Williams about to expose something? I think he was.