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So funny watching all the attention seekers come out to play now that they think I’m available. I stopped entertaining them a long time ago, I thought everyone already knew that. Obviously not. I don’t know what people think this is or what they thought it was but I’m not your little fantasy. I don’t think people understand or even care how much it took for me to trust after all the fake lying celebrities and the betrayal from so called friends and family, and how it’s only reinforced my trust issues and made them worse. I bet they just love the thrill of being mentioned by someone like me. I don’t want or need anyone’s “support” and empty efforts, look around and see where it’s got everyone else, nowhere. I wanna connect with people in real life so if it’s not gonna lead to that then it’s best if you just keep quiet and either be inspired by my words or keep it moving. And if I can’t connect with anyone in real life then I’m perfectly happy by myself.

If I’ve learned anything these past 4 years it’s that you should always stay true to yourself and never compromise on your values.