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The only reason I was aware of the curses I returned last year was because I was awakening spiritually and my metaphysical abilities were getting stronger. Once I became aware of the abductions I was able to discern between what were natural feelings and behaviors and what was artificial. I was waking up with scratches on my face and neck that weren’t there when I went to sleep every now and then last year and I was dropping and spilling things a lot, I’ve always been a bit ‘clumsy’ and it makes sense now why. I felt drained all the time as well even though I’d been eating well and drinking enough water, since I started working through my trauma and becoming more aligned with the universe and source I found myself with more energy than usual so this didn’t really make sense, and on top of that there’s the harassment and torture from the gangstalking that’s been happening for the past 4 years so I really have been at a low frequency, and when you’re at a low frequency you’re easier to control and manipulate which brings me to the next bits of information. There’s demonic and negative energy attached to everyone and everything on this planet and if you’re at a low frequency you won’t be able to see it/feel it/be aware of it attached to yourself or others. It can be transferred to people, animals, homes/spaces and physical objects via satanic rituals, cue me learning more about pizzagate and the ascension, and the fact that nothing they’ve done to me or tried to do to me has worked and that I’m swaying public opinion and there’s an important election in two months and you’ve got yourself a target. Through investigating I found that these demonic forces feed off your thoughts and emotions and any energy you give to them, it will drain you until there’s nothing left if you’re already at a low frequency and not aware of what’s happening or aware of the agenda of the people who summoned them. All these celebrities and media people who take part in these satanic rituals take power and energy from the purest souls of all, children, in the most horrific ways so they can use it to get whatever they want or curse anyone they want, and by giving these people our precious energy we’re feeding the demons that are attached to them through taking part in these rituals. They send out their negative energy into the collective consciousness and it becomes attached to our bodies (multidimensional) through taking it into our individual consciousness and then passing it around to others.

Once I was gifted with heightened third eye power I was aware of the demonic energy and it was reacting to me through my physical body, it would get angry when I said certain things so I started testing it and asking questions, I found out that these demons that are attached to you have the personality traits of the people who sent them to you via satanic rituals and will feed off your energy and the energy of others based on their own wants and needs. It’s all about discernment and I’m so grateful for the gift of being able to see these things and share this information to help others. Oh and I’ll be returning all the curses soon, this time with a vengeance. The Knight of Cups Reversed will never come between The Emperor and The High Priestess, she always turns things around.

*** I’ve been having major downloads and crown chakra cleanses throughout this whole ordeal and there’s been a lot of mental processing going on, I was divinely guided through synchronicity to these resources that I think will be really helpful.

These I’ve been told are best listened to in numerical order from low to high and I’m just gonna listen to them once a day.

We’re almost home 🌎.