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I’ve never dreamt about someone so much in my life. I was doing fine until that whole ordeal happened, I recognised my tendancy towards codependancy and was working towards healing it, and through writing my story I was coming back into balance. The situation is still happening; this person(s) will not leave me alone – I’ve reconnected with an old friend & family and I’m in the process of starting to volunteer at a new place to find comfort and to fill my time with positive things, so things don’t feel as bad as they have done in the past couple of months, but it’s made the pull of my person and I’s twin flame/soul mate connection feel even stronger (which is really fucking painful since I can’t be with them).

Before that I was considering applying for the US military, it made sense at the time, I’d be closer to my person, I’d have a job that some of my skills would be suited to and I’d be in a place that I believe is going to be significant in terms of the ascension and the earth visitors (extraterrestrials) but I was in two minds about it. Then I decided to buy some new tarot cards to compliment the one’s I was using for my readings, followed by the life purpose adjustment reading I did and the burst of creativity and emotion that came with it. After that I watched a friend of a friends pick a card tarot video about career just to get some guidance and clarity from a trusted source, I was already thinking about ideas for books that I wanted to write before all this and sure enough I picked the card where writing was the career choice. So cut to last night, my person was in my dream and there was a vivid rainbow 🌈 then today I checked my friend of a friends channel and she posted a new video yesterday that I hadn’t watched, I’ll include the video at the end of this post.

I just wanted to give my person a special message and I want them to see the tarot card reading as well.

* The industry is killing you and killing your spirit. You look amazing but I can see that you’re tired. You don’t have to keep doing this. I was literally gonna tell you to take a holiday or do something just for yourself when you get the chance and Bilmar said it in the video. If I was with you I’d be taking care of you but until then you’ve gotta give yourself some TLC. Get back to yourself babes 💞 *

I picked card number 2 🙂🌈✨