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This is quite a long post. I was gonna split it into two or three like the others so it wasn’t so long winded for people to read but I wanna get it all out there and out the way.

To the casual observer it probably sounds like I’m paranoid when I talk about things like spying, gangstalking and abductions, I “must be mentally ill to believe these things are happening”

“Some of these tactics are deliberately designed to make someone appear as though they’re suffering from a mental disorder. This, coupled with the fact that most targets are so emotionally drained & can’t properly identify or explain what is happening to them makes them fish in a barrel” page 21 of The Hidden Evil.

“The Psychiatric Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) for mental disorders has been a brilliant cover up operation in 18 languages to hide the atrocities of military and intelligence agencies’ actions towards their targets. The manual lists all mind control actions as signs of paranoid schizophrenia. — all medical schools teach their students that the person is paranoid, ESPECIALLY if he believes intelligence agencies are behind it all. Never is the medical profession told that these are routine actions all over the world by intelligence agencies against their targets” Microwave mind control: Modern torture and control mechanisms eliminating human rights and privacy by Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland.

Let me give you a bit of backstory, I‘ve never in my life thought I was being watched or targeted by the government, this all started after I started posting anti-government and anti-war posts on Facebook. Just to add a bit more perspective to this, the first incident I can remember looking back now was when I was walking to the shop by my dads, as I was walking up towards this garage a man and a boy came out of there and went to get into their car, the man then said “Was that (my full name)?”, these are the thoughts that ran through my head, “Did he just say my name? I don’t recognize them. How would they know my full name if I don’t know them? Nah he can’t have said it I must be imagining it or I misheard him”, first of all my hearing is pretty good and I never forget a face if I’ve met them, second I was sure that’s what I heard him say but I dismissed it because it didn’t make any sense. That was before I knew anything about gangstalking.

The next thing is, the guy from Amazon who I mentioned that I worked with, I actually think he was a gangstalker. This what they do, they know everything about you from surveillance, likes/dislikes/hobbies/interests etc, they’ll get people to try and befriend you as a way into your life and they’ll give them a whole story to act out, which includes things to have in common with you so it’s more likely that it’ll work. I was very big on synchronicity and signs and they used this to their advantage. What they probably didn’t know about me was that I don’t let people in that easy. I might chill with people but I don’t let people get too close because I’ve been stabbed in the back and used too many times. But at the same time I still take people at face value and by their word because I don’t wanna go round thinking everyone’s gonna fuck me over. With everything that happened on tumblr with the hacking (and I know this was true because when I spoke out against these people one of them renamed their account so I couldn’t find them – shook – and the others were so brazen about it to the point of bragging), coupled with fame and celebs listening to my phonecalls/texts, and knowing there were cameras/bugs in my flat, I’m aware that while I know some things are true, other things may have been blown out of proportion because of the gangstalking and there could be other possible explanations. Such as me being so connected to the universe and the collective consciousness and the fact that I’m a telepath (sending + receiving). For example, I thought that because everyone could hear what I was saying there was some website where everything was being broadcast from.

When I moved from the hostel to my first place, once I’d got everything moved in and got my flooring done I felt good. I had freedom and no one was on my back every 2 seconds, it felt like a fresh start. I’d say about a month in there were these ridiculously loud noises coming from directly above me (Noise campaign). It sounded like someone was dragging something heavy across the bare floor and this was happening in the day time, at night and in the early hours of the morning. Again I didn’t think it was part of some conspiracy, I just thought wtf are they doing up there? So I complained to my housing association, they investigated it and told me the guy above me works during the day and there was a couple above him with a small child. So I thought it couldn’t be either of them, it had to be the person(s) 3 floors above because the level of noise was far too loud for it to be anyone above them. So I waited until I heard the noises again then I went upstairs and pressed their buzzer so I could talk to them but no one answered. A little while after that I was going out one day and I went to get in the lift, when I got in it started going up and it stopped 3 floors above me, this man and woman who I assume were a couple got in the lift (Synchronised exiting), they didn’t make eye contact with me, so I said to him you live on this floor? He said yeah so I said what number? He went 1604 – I lived at 1304. So I said oh yeah what’s goin on with the noise? He denied the whole thing. After that the noises stopped. It was after that point that I realised my blog was getting noticed and then came the phone-tapping/phonehacking (I think this is separate from the gangstalking and due to the greed and entitlement that fame can cause).

During that time I was watching TV one night and I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, I could see someone on the roof of the hotel opposite me, bearing in mind I’d been seeing people in hi-viz vests and hard-hats with lights on fixing the sign that week, but this person wasn’t wearing a hi-viz vest or a hard-hat, I saw them run up to a pole on the edge of the building and it looked like they were moving something and then they quickly ran off. I thought it was weird but I didn’t know what to make of it at the time. Then one day after that I came home and got an intuitive sense that someone had been in my flat. I just knew. It wasn’t a thought it was a feeling. The next thing that happened was that every time I went to the toilet I’d hear tapping on the pipes, as in ‘tap tap tap’, it was then that I knew something really weird was going on. All these things were too related and frequent for them to be a coincidence. I still didn’t know about gangstalking, I just knew I was being spied on but I wasn’t sure who by. So I went on my phone and typed ‘equipment that can see through walls and floors’ into google, the SECOND it finished loading, I heard 3 knocks on the wall. I’ve never heard voices or had auditory/visual hallucinations, I’ve always been very in tune with my surroundings and I most definitely heard those knocks, and there’s no way that could’ve been a coincidence, it’s like they wanted me to know they were doing this.

So I wrote a letter to the government and sent it online, that’s how little I knew about how this whole thing worked. I thought they might be American spies. The next day I had a knock at the door and it was a police officer, he said he came to do a welfare check because of what I’d sent to the government so I let him in. My flat stunk of weed. I had bags of it in the cupboard, he didn’t even say anything, he probably felt sorry for me. I was wired, I wasn’t getting any sleep, I told him what had been going on and he said the chances of that are very slim. I didn’t know what else to do so I started taking anti-psychotics to try and forget about it. But then I started noticing people walking past me in the street making comments related to personal things, I also saw the same person who I only met once at a boxercise class at the pub a few weeks later (I don’t even see old friends around that often so why would I see a complete stranger again in the same place – they want me to think it’s synchronicity, she was sitting with a lesbian as well so it was obvious they wanted me to chat her up). It’s a good job I’ve watched so many films, once I realised what was going on I could see straight through these people they were recruiting, no acting skills whatsoever. I stopped going to classes and events, but I ended up making friends with some people in my block so that helped, I knew they weren’t part of it. They still had their actors there though. With everything that was going on there I didn’t wanna stay, and I felt boxed in and isolated being on the 13th floor, I wanted more space and to be in a more suburban environment because that’s what I’m used to, and I thought if I move out it’ll stop. I was wrong. I think it was a while after I’d moved in that I found an article about targeted individuals, but even after reading it I was still a bit sceptical. After that I met my ex gf and that took my mind off everything that had happened, I was happy, but then I started to get paranoid that she knew about the website. After her reassurance I realised she didn’t know anything. Then I started thinking about how different I was before any of this happened, I didn’t feel like myself, I felt drained and I was constantly on edge. I had a blood test done at my new doctors surgery and my iron, b12 and vitamin d was extremely low. I’d stopped eating meat, wasn’t leaving the house much and I’m also anaemic because of a health problem. I was prescribed vitamins and after about 2 weeks I started to feel a little bit better but still not 100%. I just couldn’t get this thing I thought was happening out my head, watching TV didn’t help because they’d target me with ads and because they knew my IP address, phone number and instagram account people would say things on TV related to everything I was saying/doing (I’m not paranoid about this, it actually happened and it started when my blog was getting noticed, that’s one of the reasons why I stopped watching TV – it’s all about comparison, and nothing like this had ever happened before and what was being said on TV was too specific for it to be a coincidence, same as when certain radio hosts would say things, I’ve never cared what the radio hosts were saying, all I cared about was the music, the hosts were just background noise. And what they were saying at that time was way too focused and specific for it to be a coincidence).

I didn’t have any problems with my neighbours when I first moved in, nothing that was related to gangstalking anyway, just people trying to show off and being nosey hanging around outside, apart from that most people were nice and welcoming. My downstairs neighbour moved in about 2 months after I did, we’d say hello if we saw each other but that was about it. As time went on, the more I read about targeted individuals and gangstalking the more I suspected he was a gangstalker. He’d leave his house at the same time as me and that happened on several occasions. One time I was walking back home from town with my ex gf and he walked past us from behind, and he’d go to the shop at the same time as me. By that time I knew about the Directed Energy Weapons. How I knew this was happening to me was the fact that I was still lethargic and I was still getting this pressure in my head even though I’d been taking my iron tablets, iron helps regulate the flow of oxygen to the brain so when my iron was low that’s how I felt. I also started to get these itches all over my body, they weren’t normal itches, they were more like small shocks or burns that would eventually make my limbs jerk. I thought this is not normal. They get a kick out of being able to control you like this, like you’re their puppet. That should give you an idea of how psychotic and power mad they really are. I tested it out by holding up a sheet of aluminium foil just above my head (aluminium can block these pulses of energy) and I could clearly see and hear the sheet being hit by these beams of energy, it was shocking, but at least I knew it was real and that I wasn’t going mad. Other symptoms include flashing images into my head with differing intensity ranging from single images to a non stop stream of them, stimulation of genitals, irregular heartbeat and increased heart rate – which leads to waking up covered in sweat if they do this while I’m asleep, muscle spasms all over my body including head and face, powerful itches all over my body – especially the face including when I’m out in public, they want you to look like a freak or a weirdo, jaw closing shut “by itself” and clenching of teeth, thought insertion and voice to skull, short term memory problems, nose dripping out of nowhere, able to read your thoughts, forced speech and action, manipulation of internal organs – I’ve got a fibroid which causes me to have heavy painful periods, they increased the pain of this so much one time that I had to call an ambulance, I’ve never experienced that kind of pain in my life when I was menstruating. The list goes on, but the point is I’ve always been very in tune with my body so I know what’s natural and what’s unnatural. I started to do more research on how they’re able to do this. I found that they can do this through the nanoparticles (heavy metals) they release into the air through chemtrails and with RFID chips that are controlled remotely. I found a way to remove these toxins by taking bentonite clay with water every day and having epsom salt baths to draw them out of my skin. I did this for a week and everything I just mentioned stopped, but then I started to get the throat itch. I tried blocking it with the foil but it didn’t stop. So I thought I must have these RFID chips inside me. I read that water blocks these radio frequencies and this was confirmed when I was in the bath, no bodily symptoms but I was still getting muscle spasms and itches on my head and face. You can neutralise these chips using neodymium magnets, but since I don’t know exactly where they’re placed I haven’t bothered to try. I can’t get an x-ray because they control the NHS and that’s how these chips were implanted in my body in the first place. Most likely at birth or when I had my tonsils removed when I was about 5 or 6. Easy access. They can easily fake x-rays and test results so it’s pointless. I’m using natural cures and remedies for any health problems I’ve got now. I’m gonna finish up with some more about this guy downstairs and break ins. So I mentioned how he came knocking at my door a week after I started my blog. Months before this happened I was listening to music while I was making my dinner and it was about 7pm. I started singing along to it and he started banging, it wasn’t even that loud but I turned it up louder and he carried on banging. When I finished making my dinner and I sat down to eat it he started banging again. So I started shouting at him, I went what’s the matter mate? He responded with more banging. I went I don’t care, come and knock the fuckin door if you’ve got a problem. Banging again. So I started stomping on the floor with my foot, and I did it so hard that my foot was hurting. He stopped after that. It’s all a test, they’ll test your reaction to things, and because he’s a man they probably thought I’d be intimidated by him. Anyway the next day I heard a woman’s voice downstairs, and the way he was talking he sounded upset, he was shook, I could hear it in his voice. Same as when he looked shook when he came to my door. He probably didn’t wanna do it anymore and they probably sent someone to reassure him.

In between then and the next incident a car pulled up outside on the driveway, it was white and yellow and it had the words 24/7 security solutions written on the side. The guy downstairs came outside and started talking to the 3 guys that were in the car, then they started showing him how to use the car. The next day the guy downstairs pulled up on the driveway in the same car. I saw him drive this car once and that was it, the car stayed there for about a week and then it was gone. Some time after that I went out for a drive with a friend, first we went to the roof of a car park and chilled there for a bit, then we decided to go for a long drive to this place where you can see the skyline, as I was driving out of the car park I noticed a white and bluecar with the words 24/7 security written on the side and there was a man sitting in the drivers seat. There’s more to that story but it’s not relevant to the guy downstairs so I won’t mention it. After that I was at home one day and I heard someone banging on the guy downstairs door, shouting at him to let them in, I looked outside and there were two guys dressed in work uniforms and there was a blue car with the words 24/7 security solutions written on the side. This is a clear example of sensitization.

Next thing is I heard him outside on the phone one day and he must have been waiting for a taxi, but I don’t think he was on the phone to the taxi rank he was probably on the phone to them to take his orders, he was out there for about 5-10 minutes talking on and off before I went to my living room to look outside, when I did I saw him standing directly underneath my window, he was on his phone and I was trying to see what he was doing to see if he was talking to them but I couldn’t see from that far away. I even got my binoculars out but I still couldn’t see much (I use them to note down license plate numbers). Then he stood sideways so the phone screen was out of view, then after about 10 seconds he looked up at my window, I tested this out afterwards, I stood exactly where he was standing and looked up at my window, you can’t see shit from that angle even when you’re not looking up so it’s not like he could see me out of the corner of his eye. He was told to look up through his little ear piece or phone, either “look up at her window” or “is she looking?”. They knew I was standing at my window, they do these things to provoke me into action, they want me to go outside and grab his phone off him, they want me to get people to rob his house or beat him up, they want me to throw stuff at him from my window. I have considered doing all those things but I pity him to be honest, and I’m not stupid enough to fall into their pathetic traps. After that I heard him leave his house again on the phone saying “am I in the gang now then?”. I had my window open as well so there’s no way I could’ve misheard that. They want me to know he’s involved. I’ve also had things go missing in my flat and then turn up days or weeks later. I always put my ear tunnels in my draw next to my bed when I go to sleep and I’ve got spare ones in there in case I lose them. When I came back one day the spare one’s were gone. Same with a phone that I know I left in the bottom draw, it went missing and I looked everywhere for it before I went out, when I came back it was in the drawer that I’d already checked. A beanie hat that I knew I’d left in my bag, I looked everywhere then weeks later it reappeared in the same bag that I’d emptied and checked. Wires on my hi-fi speakers cut, headphone jack – fucked, poisoning my cat so he’d throw up all the time and not eat his food – I took him to the vets and they said if it continues then bring him back but it didn’t happen as frequently after that, damaging walls and doors, surveillance and DEW attacks while driving – equipment placed in my car to do this. I’ve also had street theatre outside my house involving some workmen and someone who supposedly tried to steal one of their phones from a van, they beat him up, this was right after I’d saw something online about an app gangstalkers use to communicate with each other and I was considering grabbing someone’s phone off them to see if I could find anything – so it was sort of like “a warning”, police officers pulling a man out of his car as I was walking into town, screaming at him and using brute force to make him open his mouth because they thought he was a drug dealer, this was after I’d been to look at tents to start a crop in my house – pointless because they would’ve sabotaged it but again “a warning”. Other things include items ordered online deliberately delayed or not delivered at all, delayal of other post arriving, Amazon removing information from the Divine Architecture e-book I bought, I noticed this when I bought the paper version. Products I regularly buy from Morrisons being discontinued or not in stock as well as the meat free freezer section breaking down. Realising my old laptop had been compromised when I opened it up, there were multiple screws missing from the motherboard panel, I bought this laptop brand new and I’d never took the case off. The intensity of the DEW and RFID chip attacks would increase every time I was about to tweet something, after I tweeted something and every time I started to put more of the pieces of the puzzle together. There was a point that I realised this and considered stopping, and I think this was their way of saying to me “the more you do this the worse it’s gonna be for you”, but I thought fuck it, I’m not stopping. If speaking the truth kills me then so be it.

It’s worth reading the whole thing to get a better picture of how it all works but here are some quotes from The Hidden Evil that relate to what I’ve just said:

“Many prominent, knowledgeable targets have concluded that this is no longer simply a parallel justice system, but has evolved into a political movement. This is most probably in service to Globalization. Targeted people have reported that everyone from homeless people to white-collar workers have taken part in the harassment. People who have been in trouble with the law are especially easy to recruit into these harassment campaigns.” page 10

“It is impossible & unnecessary to explain every variation of harassment. In addition, there are some tactics that are much more subtle that you may experience if you’re targeted. Now you know why some people are driven to suicide. These organizers may be more aware of some of your habits than you are. For instance, commonly used routes will be used as avenues for various types of Street Theatre that unfold as you pass through. Also, products such as specific brands of soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc that you use will be discontinued, or sold out in the stores that you frequent.” page 42

“A private investigator named David Lawson followed these stalking groups for approximately ten years. He concluded that not only were they cults, but they had connections to government agencies, & were in service to corporations.(7) He also found out that tactics that demonstrated favorable results were recorded & used at a later date. When information gained by surveillance is passed on to group members to aid with harassment & the results of the harassment are recorded to enhance future harassment, then this is mind-control.” page 11

“The tendency of local police is to dismiss an individuals complaints of government harassment as the ravings of a “fruitcake”. Some police agencies, while acknowledging the reality of the situation, hesitate to intervene cases involving what they believe to be U.S. Intelligence. Refusal or inability of the ACLU and Amnesty International to intervene. Both Organizations acknowledge receiving many complaints from persons claiming to be the targets” Microwave Harassment & Mind-Control Experimentation, Julianne McKinney Director Elctronic Surveillance Project, Association of National Security Alumni

“Here are some other reasons why it is kept hidden:

  • They are compartmentalized
  • The people who participate are sworn to secrecy, some may have signed non-disclosure agreements or similar forms
  • Group members are only given what they need to know to carry out their personal part & are not aware of the agenda or direction of the program
  • Heavily networked
  • The people who fund/sponsor it own the mainstream media, mental health, legal community, & most other major institutions
  • Unlimited budget
  • Overlooked or ignored by law enforcement
  • Unknown to the general public
  • Federal & local influence
  • Lack of courage on behalf of agencies that claim to exist to support targets of terrorism & trauma
  • Tactics are designed to blend in with everyday life & not be noticed by a non-targeted person (covert attacks)
  • Tactics may gradually increase over months or years so that a person will not recognized they are targeted, even as their lives fall apart for apparently no reason” page 59

“Several mind-control survivors have written books. One MKULTRA survivor named Cathy O Brien wrote a book with Mark Phillips (former CIA operative) called, Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security. It is a well-documented account of her dealings with the system & the trouble she encountered (people covering up for it) while trying to expose mind-control abuses committed against her & her daughter. Her case was thrown out of U.S. courts for reasons of national security. She & Mark believe that the national security act of 1947 is being used to cover crimes & should be dismantled.” page 46

“Corporations own all major media outlets including talk radio, newspaper, academia, magazines, television, & Hollywood. If you’re targeted, you may have trouble trying to convince a person who has spent most of their life watching soap operas, corporate-controlled news, or playing video games, that this exists.” page 60

“Some Directed Energy Weapons symptoms

Microwave mind control: Modern torture and control mechanisms eliminating human rights and privacy by Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland

Report-September 25, 1999

“According to Navy studies they also cause fatigue states, depression, insomnia, aggressiveness, long and especially short term memory loss, short catatonic states, cataracts, leukemia, cancer, heart attacks, brain tumors and so forth.”” page 50

You can download The Hidden Evil here.