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In my last post I mentioned reptilians, remote viewers, remote influencers, negative entities and unseen forces. I want to elaborate on that and tell you how I came to find out that these things were real. I’ll start by telling you a bit about my past and my spiritual journey. I’ve never been a religious person. My mom’s an atheist and my dad and his side of the family are Christian. I went to a catholic primary school but that was mainly because it was the closest school to my house. We went to mass at church every Wednesday and sang hymns at the start of the day before lessons and then at the end of the day (can’t remember what that part’s called now, reception?) and had religious education lessons. I remember having to do some worksheets on the bible in lesson and I just thought to myself what is this? Is this even real? Every Sunday at my nans Songs of Praise would be on the TV and she’d be singing along to all the hymns. I went to church with her a few times, never wanted to but I had to. So even though religion has been part of my life since I was young I never really took it in or took it seriously. I didn’t believe there was a God.

As a teenager I was having a really rough time at home. Not gonna go into too much detail about it but emotionally and psychologically I was going through a lot and I was going through that alone. But I distinctly remember a time when I thought people were able to see and hear my thoughts when I was sitting in lesson, I thought it was paranoia at the time until recently. At home I’d sit in my room and listen to music and play the playstation or whatever but I remember this one time that I’d write on post it notes in really tiny handwriting and then stuff them into the cracks of the wall so no one could find them. I could never remember what I wrote and I left them there for ages and eventually forgot about them. But the interesting thing about that was that it was like I was somewhere else when I was doing it, and I remember having visions (obviously at the time I didn’t know what they were, I just thought it was my imagination) of an alternate reality where people from my school were there, they looked the same physically but they had different personalities and persona’s and dressed differently. And the vibe was just totally different. It felt like a dream except I was awake. This only happened a few times and after that it never happened again.

(I’ve been having dreams like this recently, with old school friends. I’ve always had vivid dreams and nightmares. Not like this though. The contents of the dreams aren’t that important in terms of the story I’m telling here, the point is the more I’m learning about spirituality and reality the more I’m seeing things from a new perspective.)

By the time I was 16 and leaving school I was really questioning things. Like is this what my life is? This can’t be all there is to life. Go to school, go to college, get a job etc. It all seemed monotonous to me. So the real big question for me was, what’s out there? I started learning about astrology which taught me a lot about myself ♋ and got me interested in the planets. By 21 I was reading about Buddhism and Philosiphy and found that really interesting and helpful in terms of coping with my mental health and what was going on in my life and my general outlook. I never really had any solid beliefs in terms of spirituality but there was a general feeling of something being out there, quite a turnaround from being an atheist. It wasn’t until my nan passed away when I was 24 that I started to really believe. The lights would flicker in the house which they’d never done before and I remember a butterfly landing on my hand when I was sitting outside in the garden which I felt had a special meaning to it. After that I was seeing them or noticing them more often. That’s why my spirit animal is the Butterfly. They’ve been flying near me a lot more these past few years, right near my face which is nice.

By 27 I’d had enough of the way I was living and I wanted to make some changes. Drinking, drugs, partying, unhealthy relationships. I wanted to turn my life around. I wanted to be happy. I was inspired by my auntie in law to start writing again. I used to write poetry when I was a teenager, just to try and make sense of what I was thinking and feeling but I stopped because I was too depressed to care about anything. I joined tumblr and started writing on there. I was committed to this path that I was on to the point where I left near enough everything else behind. Since then I’ve had some unbelievable experiences and been guided towards certain pieces of information by way of synchronicity, my higher self and my spirit guides and guardian angels. One of these experiences was being healed by higher dimensional beings after writing a letter to God.

By the way, at this point I didn’t even know or realise I was a starseed. A year or so later I picked out a book at the library called Journey of Souls by Michael Newton which is about the spirit world, where everyone goes when they die, and this further solidified my beliefs and experiences. After that I found out about Targeted Individuals and started reading more about that. Then, I came across this interview ( which references things that I read in Journey of Souls. After that I realised that I had RFID chips in my body. I realised this because I’d started taking bentonite clay to remove the toxins from my body from chemtrails, which is how they can attack people with Directed Energy Weapons. It was working, the effects stopped (flashing images in my head and pressure to the point where it was throbbing). But then I started getting this tickle in my throat that wouldn’t go away no matter how many times I coughed or cleared my throat. I wasn’t getting this before. I’d already read about the chips so I went online to try and find a way to remove them or disable them. That’s when I found this website and started reading The Mars Records. It talks about alien abductions and how there are secret government programs on Mars that work with reptilians and other alien races. I was a bit skeptical at first. I think it was at some point after reading Journey of Souls that I realised I was a starseed so I was more interested in aliens (starseeds are human but have extraterrestrial DNA, they’ve been seeded on other planets where the dimensional framework is higher than that of Earth i.e 5D/6D and can communicate telepathically, this is why I thought people could see my thoughts).

I’d already had an experience before this when I was at home. I came up with an idea for a film/TV show about aliens and wrote it down. Shortly after that I was sitting next to the window in the living room and had a feeling that I should look out the window. (By the way, as I’m writing this my cat was staring at something out the window so I went to have a look, I could see lights floating in the sky in a large circle so I went outside to get a clearer look. I could see that it was coming from a projecter in one of the gardens in front. This is the kind of shit these gangstalkers pull with the neighbours. They’re all working in unison. Remote viewers watching then the information gets fed down through the hierarchy. “Can you go in the garden and put your projecter on.” Neighbours probably aren’t aware of why they’re doing this.) When I looked out the window I could see this light, it looked quite close and was hovering at eye level (I live in a 1st floor flat) so I was thinking what is that? I was trying to work out what it could be and then all of a sudden it beamed off to the right into the distance. I didn’t have my glasses on and it wasn’t the reflection of the TV because it was turned away from the window and the window was clear with nothing reflecting in it. If it was a reflection of something then I wouldn’t have still been able to see it when it beamed off because I moved my head to follow it. I was sitting perfectly still just staring at this light and the light moved first.

As you can see there’s a clear structure to my experiences and the information that’s later revealed. It had to happen in a certain order for me to believe it and then share it so that others will believe it too. Not everyone’s gonna believe it but that’s ok. Everyone learns and sees things in their own time and in their own way.

I’m gonna leave things here because I’m a bit tired and my eyes are hurting from looking at the screen. I’m gonna do a seperate post about The Mars Records, possibly tomorrow, and how I know I’ve been abducted as well as clear up some things about the Hidden Hand interview that I thought were true at the time but now know are not. Thanks for reading and remember not to give in to these fear tactics they’re throwing out there with this Coronavirus or whatever it’s called. I know people are dying but they’ve released this shit on purpose. Just like they released a virus on me when I was entering the higher dimensions to bring me down and slow me down. These are the lengths they’ll go to to stop people from waking up or waking others up. It’s not gonna work though.