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These children deserve justice and all of the people involved in this need to be held accountable. Once you read it, this post, and in particular tom hanks’ instagram posts will start to make a lot more sense. This is real and this is still happening now. Time to wake up and #SaveOurChildren!

Instead of feeding on all my other posts and shilling for the establishment, I’d love to see the likes of russell brand feed on this! But he won’t, because he doesn’t wanna rock his little youtube boat. This clown actually thinks he’s the messiah, he sits at his desk in his expensive home and thinks that if he dresses like a guru and grows his hair and beard in the likeness of Jesus Christ then he’ll somehow become him, meanwhile his actions and mentality are the complete antithesis of what Jesus Christ stood for and died on the cross for. He’s a fraud, people are already seeing it and saying it in the comments so it’s not just me. Can’t wait to see what his next video (indirect response/reaction to me) entails. Not that I even watch them any more I just read the title and laugh at the comments.

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