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Why have they been completely silent after the events that took place at Capitol Hill on the 6th of January? You’d think by their previous actions and the way they usually treat their supporters they’d be doing just that, supporting them, but they’re not. Controlled opposition, put simply, is when a person, group or organisation claims to be for or against another person, group or organisation but is doing the opposite of what they claim to be doing. So in this instance, ‘Qanon’ is actually working with and for the side they claim to be against. They never wanted to help anyone see the truth, most of the information they shared was either already out there or would’ve been noticed by others anyway (“the pandemic”), it was always about control. Controlling a large group of people by creating a cult and a cult like mentality. Do I still believe there will be mass arrests in government, the corporate world and hollywood related to child sex trafficking/paedophilia/satanic ritual abuse and murder? I still believe those things are real but I don’t think they’ll be seen in the eyes of the law. The only thing I truly believe in is the ascension of humanity and planet Earth.