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Because of the memory blocks I’ve been missing out bits of information. I’m sure there might be people thinking “well if you’ve got memory problems then how can you be sure of what you think you remember about gangstalking etc?”, what I’ll say to that is, before this all happened I could remember everything that had been said and everything that had been done, my memory’s sharp. And within the last couple of months I’ve memorised 6 different 20 character passwords. I “forget” small details but I can memorise all these long passwords… doesn’t make any sense does it? What’s happening is I’m causing the memory blocks, implants and circuitry to malfunction through the sheer force of my energy, that’s why they keep abducting me. They’re doing this purposely so I miss out details and make things seem less believable. Also with the gangstalking I make sure to remember where I’ve looked for items that have gone missing and whether or not I’ve locked my front door when I go out (there’s been times when I’ve locked my door only to come back and find that it’s been unlocked).

I “forgot” to mention something that happened when I was staying over at my then gf’s. We were in bed and I couldn’t get to sleep. I could sense something around me, it’s hard to explain this sense but even with my eyes closed I could see something, like an energy, and I felt it as well. So I sat up and looked around, the blinds were closed and even though it was dark I’m usually able to see what’s in front of me like the bedroom door and the cabinet at the end of the bed next to the wall, I couldn’t see anything, something was blocking my vision. Visually this energy is sort of like waves of heat. So say there’s a radiator/heater on a wall underneath a window and the sun’s shining into the room, you see the waves of heat rising. That’s what the energy was like. So I told my ex there was something in the room, she believes in spirits and stuff but I don’t think she believes anything about the reptilians, which is what I knew this energy was. This energy was right in my face and it didn’t feel good at all so I knew it had to be reptilians, they’re not capable of giving off positive energy because they haven’t got an emotional body or a soul body. So I prayed to God and in Jesus name for them to leave and they did, I could see again. The next night my cat was sat out in the hallway staring up at something, he usually responds to noises like if someone starts moving around but he didn’t respond, he was just staring at this thing. Being able to see ghosts and spirits is common with cats and dogs, not sure why. I think he was a dog in his last life because he likes to play fetch with random objects like milk carton pulls and hair bobbles, sometimes when we’re playing fetch and he’s about to bring it back to me his ears will perk up and he’ll look towards the door and then go in the other room, it’s reptilians or remote viewers calling him. Also I know I’m a telepathic sender because of him, I was upset one day and he came and sat next to me on my bed and I said to him in my mind “gimme a kiss please”, and he came up to me and licked my head. He always comes in in the morning and licks my face to wake me up as well, his breath stinks but it’s cute.

The things that happened at my place were sort of the same, the time that a reptilian was right up in my face I saw a visual of it’s face, it was like a mixture of a snake and a lizard. I read in The Mars Records that they don’t like being called lizards, so I started taunting them to get my own back, I’d get instant headaches. My cat let’s me know when they’re in the room (he’ll even sit outside and guard the door when I’m having a bath). If I can’t see the waves of energy I’ll either try and sense it as a feeling or I’ll close my eyes and scan the room to try and see where it is. One time I was in the living room and I could sense one of them, I looked around, located it and then looked it up and down and gave it a dirty look, then it spoke to me telepathically and said “you look at me as if you’re above me”, I went “I look at you as if you’re in my house without my permission”. They can appear anywhere. They can invoke anger, increase anger you’re already feeling, invoke painful memories and they can also manipulate the com (AI) on video games.

I think the more I was learning about the spirit world, starseeds, alien abductions, gangstalking and how they’re funded and used by Freemasons (who are essentially satanic) – the more my consciousness was expanding. I also worked through a lot of issues in my last relationship, so there’s been a lot of growth these past 2 years, emotional, mental and spiritual. All of which has helped with my ascension. When you unplug and rise up through the dimensions you start to see the illusions, and you’re able to see beyond this 3D reality. There’s something from Divine Architecture that I’d like to share.

“You are transforming in this way because you are undergoing an ascension process. This is your blueprinted template for your physical reality. This is happening to everyone (and everything) on your entire planet Earth. Imagine a ‘beam of light’ washing over everyone and everything across this planet. Anyone who is ‘standing in flow’ (someone who has a flowing energy system) will be transformed by this beam of light. A flowing energy system would be within an individual who is kind, loving, or is working with buried traumas and negative emotions. Or someone who is physically healthy, or is in the process of exploring ways to become physically healthy (such as nutrition, exercise, meditation, or holistic treatments). And anyone who is growing, moving forward and expanding in any way. Many believe they are not ‘standing in flow’ when in actuality they are. You do not have to be ‘fully healed of all illness or trauma’ in order to create flow. Flow is created by the healing journey itself or the intention of creating healing. The minute the intention is there, flow begins. The minute action is taken, flow begins. The minute the desire for higher awareness and truth is there, flow begins. The minute one upgrades their nutritional plan, flow begins. The minute one moves the body with the intention to create flow, flow begins. There are several ‘bodily movement templates’ that create flow. These are yoga, tai chi, eurythmy, martial arts, free flow dance movements, Pilates, ballet, swimming and walking.” White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine, page 148 of Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template by Magenta Pixie.

I’ve been eating way more healthily within the last few years. I still eat meat occasionally from takeaways and fast food places but I never buy it when I’m doing my food shopping, which is why they kept breaking the meat free freezer section. I go for walks sometimes but I like to stay indoors a lot. I find it trippy when I’ve stayed inside for like a week and then go out, everything feels new and unfamiliar and kind of surreal, it’s nice. I “forgot” to mention this when I talked about them releasing the virus on me, but at that time I was going to the gym and I was actually enjoying it for a change because I had a solid work out plan, they could see how much progress I was making. Can’t have that can they. Can’t have me happy and healthy because they know what it means for them – the more progress I make, the faster they fall. The same goes for us as a collective, the more we awaken to the truth about ourselves and the world around us, the more they’ll do everything in their power to stop us * insert coronavirus *. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re using the RFID chips to give people a cough and a fever, then killing them using remote viewers. Yep, they’ll do whatever it takes to maintain power and control. I’ve made so much progress while reading Divine Architecture, and creating this blog has put me in full flow. So not only am I plugged into the mainframe (the collective consciousness), my blog is acting as a beam splitter, with me as the mirror. I’m inputting all of my energy (light) into it which I get from Source and I’m reflecting that light into the collective consciousness. Physics. Quantum Mechanics.

I’m not sure if Donald Trump writes his own speeches or if someone writes them for him, but the words “Through a very collective action and shared sacrifice, national determination, we will overcome the threat of the virus” can actually be attributed to the planetary awakening and ascension. The real virus is the controllers, infecting the planet with their programs. This is a time of preparation for what’s to come, so I’d suggest using this time wisely and to your advantage. Instead of looking at the TV and the news and waiting to see what you should do next, look outside, look at sky, remember that we’re on a planet that’s floating through space in an infinite universe. Keep some perspective. The world is not gonna end, the only thing that WILL end is the 3D world. Kids not at school? Great. They shouldn’t be there in the first place. It’s just another one of their structures designed to suppress creativity, critical thinking and train the young mind to bow to authority. Two years ago I started studying for a degree, but then I asked myself why I was really doing it. I wanted to prove to myself and others that I could do it and it would’ve been a sense of achievement for me. Another illusion. I don’t need a piece of paper to prove how intelligent or qualified I am to others. None of us do. The proof’s in the pudding. The highest grade I left school with was a D and since then I got an NVQ level 2. That’s it. And I’m now basically a freelance experimental and theoretical physicist/researcher specialising in quantum mechanics lol I’m laughing because I’m thinking about all these pretentious types who think they’re better than me or know more than me just because they’ve been to uni, and because I’ve made more progress in 4 years than they have done in their whole careers, and I’m still that little chav from brum. I understand their frustrations but I’ve told them already, I am the 🐐, but I’m not your scapegoat, so you’re better off placing that misguided anger towards the real villains.