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All of our life experiences have been set up for specific purposes. As well as the gangstalking and the energy sent to me from the satanic rituals I’ve also been having kundalini awakening symptoms. There are beings with me 24/7 now who’ve told me I’ve been trained by them in the secret space programs, through communicating with them I’ve learned more information about it which I may write about in more detail in some form or another. I’ve been noticing recently that I’ve been crossing my legs a lot, something I rarely ever do which doesn’t come naturally to me, now that I’ve done so much mental processing and releasing I’ve come back to a more balanced perspective and I’m able to look back and see which behaviours were created under mind control, like laughing at certain things and programmed beliefs that I’ve let go of through doing spiritual work. We’re all under mind control to some degree, whether that’s through abductions or through programming from the mainstream media, I was angry when I first found out about the scale of the satanic nature of hollywood and the music industry and who was likely involved. Just the way they arrogantly put it in your face like it’s nothing really pissed me off, and finding out everything you thought you knew was a lie is a shock to the system but there’s a reason for everything. Before I read the Hidden Hand interview I used to wonder why there was so much evil in the world, and I’ll admit that I can be quite judgemental towards others sometimes, that’s because I’ve been judged by others so much throughout my childhood and my life and throughout this whole invasion of privacy experience, which on top of the gangstalking has led to depression and self harm. But now I understand the part it’s had to play in mine and my family’s life, the lives of others and the ascension of the planet and humanity. We learn through contrast, evil exists to show us what we’re not. It’s hard to forgive someone when they’ve hurt you and it’s hard to forgive yourself when you’ve hurt someone but forgiveness is an essential component of compassion, which is something that’s needed more in our society.

‘The game’ is set up in a certain way and it’s directed by ascended masters, beings like Hidden Hand, the planners in the spirit world and Jesus Christ. I found it all hard to get my head around at first, once you see life for what it really is it kind of feels like you’ve never been in control of it but we all have our parts to play. There’s a spiritual chain of command in place and everything happens as and when it’s meant to in the way that it’s meant to according to divine timing and the divine plan.

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