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What I loved about The Matrix when I first watched it was how original it was. You get bored of the same old stories in films so it was refreshing to see something different. I didn’t watch it until a few years after it was released and I don’t think I understood it properly at first but it’s one of those films you can watch again and again because it’s that good, and every time I watched it I noticed things I didn’t notice before. A line that really stood out for me was when Trinity says to Neo “you have been down there Neo, you know that road, you know exactly where it ends. And I know that’s not where you want to be.” that resonated with me because I was growing tired of doing the same old things and I wanted to experience the unknown. The Oracle has a picture frame above her kitchen door that says ‘temet nosce’, I looked it up online and it means know thyself in Latin. This resonated with me as well. As impulsive and driven by unconscious forces I’ve been at times, I’ve always thought deeply about myself. Why I think this, why I feel that, why I do such and such. So I had it tattooed on my collarbone. That’s how influential and important the film was for me. In this post I spoke a lot about questioning things and wanting to find answers, “It is the question that drives us Neo”. Another line that stood out and resonated at different points in my journey, both philosophically and in terms of self awareness.

The self doubt Neo faces about being the one when he doesn’t make the jump, I think everyone can relate to that. Trying something, failing and thinking you’re not good enough. I don’t know much about religious prophecies but I remember 4 years ago when I was in my old place, I had a smartphone at the time (haven’t had one for a good few years now, anything with the word smart in front of it just stands for Surveillance Monitoring And Remote Technology) and I used to read the news app, there was an article on there one day that said the antichrist is coming in 2020, don’t know whether they were referring to me or Donald Trump lol. I’ve been referred to and compared to many things since this whole thing started, angel, nephilim, evil witch, prophet. Let me tell you something, Jesus Christ was real. But there’s no such thing as a Messiah. There’s only Christ Consciousness, which is what we’re all able to achieve. The bible and all the other “holy” books are heavily distorted, and they’re like that for a reason. They created these books, among other things, to stop this very thing from happening. Whenever someone reaches Christ Consciousness and is in a position of significant influence, they either eliminate them or sabotage them to the point where they can no longer continue on their path. We are made in the image of our creator. We all come from Source. But God is not male. God is both female and male. From the very beginning Eve was blamed for eating the forbidden fruit and “tempting” Adam to eat it as well. If you look at the implications of that and the tone it sets, you’ll see why women have been made to feel inferior to men throughout history and why they’ve been scapegoated. I don’t know anything about the other “holy” books but I’m sure it’s a running theme where God is always referred to as ‘He’ and ‘Him’. These are Alien religions that are part of the Negative Alien Agenda. There’s a good resource where I get most of my information from that’s worth checking out called Ascension Glossary. In part 2 I’ll be using that as a reference to explain how this information relates to the films and my journey as a starseed and what else I love about the films. I’m gonna watch them all again, to refresh my memory and for pure enjoyment.

I didn’t have any knowledge back then of the things I do now but now I can see that The Matrix was a memory trigger for ascension. The more I grew as a person, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and the more I followed my soul path the more I understood when I watched it and the more it prepared me for my journey as a starseed. I’ve just looked online for interviews with the Wachowski’s about what inspired the film, the information I’ve read in Divine Architecture and Ascension Glossary isn’t explicitly mentioned, but it does say they took inspiration from films like Ghost in The Shell which is another one of my favourite films that I can relate to, so I’d be interested to know if they’re familiar with any of this information. I like the fact that they don’t do any press. I was thinking this 3 days ago before I even found that out, I will not be doing any press if I make films. I’m not interested or comfortable in the spotlight and I can’t stand the media and what it represents. The art will speak for itself. I’ve only just noticed the purple writing in the poster as well so wow.. even more amazing. Purple is the colour of the spiritual aura’s of ascended masters. I only found that out when I read Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton, the second book I read after Journey of Souls by the same author. It represents wisdom, truth and divinity and it’s a colour I’ve been drawn to a lot since I started taking spirituality seriously.

When I finished reading the hidden hand interview, which took me a couple of days because it was a lot to take in and process, I remember looking out my window and my perception of the world had completely changed. I could see everything, the layers, the spirit world, the connection between us and nature, everything was just connected. The only thing I can compare it to is when Neo starts seeing everything around him as Matrix code. I was definitely seeing things from a 6th dimensional perspective. But since we live in a world with 3rd dimensional issues it was hard to stay inside that perspective. So ya damn right I feel like Neo 😎. We can all be Neo. We can be Morpheus. We can be Trinity. We can change and control our reality through ascension and evolution. We can unplug ourselves from The Matrix (media, governments, programs, illusions). I know in some parts of the world it’s dangerous to step or speak out of line, but there’ll come a point in time when the free will outnumber the one’s who are still plugged in, to the point where the controllers will have very little left to feed on.

Zion awaits us 🙏💜