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I’ve wanted to share my thoughts on this for a while, but what’s sparked it is some comments I’ve been reading on a website called Hidden Answers. This is an onion site which means it’s only accessible through the Tor network or via the Tor browser, I’m an avid user of Tor for privacy reasons and I use it on top of a VPN to prevent the government and ISP’s from tracking my browsing history. I came across this site a few months ago while I was on the dark web looking for some MDMA, it’s a Q&A site used by anonymous people. It’s hard to empathise with people when they say offensive or disrespectful things, but what I’ve learned from using the site is that just because someone has questionable or offensive views about certain issues doesn’t mean that everything else they say is questionable or offensive, they can still offer knowledge on other subjects and make valid points. I think it’s easier to tolerate as well because everything is said anonymously so the personal aspect is taken away. You can’t see these people, they can’t see you, you don’t know them and they don’t know you. It’s a lot different on the clearnet, I’m not saying people don’t get dragged on this website but with things like twitter and instagram, people can receive abuse and death threats and that can be an overwhelming, frightening and dangerous experience because it’s so personal. If I see something offensive or disrespectful on Hidden Answers I usually just ignore it unless it’s in response to something I’ve said, I don’t see the point in arguing with ignorant people or trying to make them see my point of view about certain issues, if I responded to every single offensive or disrespectful comment I’d be there all day. I’m already changing things on a grand scale anyway so it’s a waste of time and energy. I ask/answer questions on there to either get help/help people out or to participate in a debate about something with people with a reasonable amount of intelligence.

The comments I’m talking about are to do with people who are trans. They’re labelled by some as mentally ill, mocked and not taken seriously for who they are. I’ve never had a problem with people who are trans. I knew someone who transitioned and I never thought anything of it, first of all because I know what it’s like to feel uncomfortable in your own skin and second, if that’s what someone needs to do for themselves then that’s their decision and it should be respected. One of my ex’s ended up identifying as agender/non binary some time after we broke up. I didn’t even know what that was at the time. I know now though why people identify as agender/non binary, there are too many negative associations and stereotypes attached to being a man or a woman and some people don’t feel comfortable being labelled, thought of or referred to as a man or a woman, which I completely understand and support. At that time I wasn’t in touch with my femininity like I am now. I’m still a tomboy but because of gender roles and gender stereotypes I never felt or thought of myself as feminine back then. “A woman must do this, act like this, speak like this or look like this, and if she doesn’t then she’s not considered a woman or ladylike”. It’s the same with men. If a man cries it’s seen as a weakness because “men aren’t supposed to show weakness or emotion” and they need to “man up”. What a load of shit. I’ve seen grown men cry, and I’m talking thugs, I didn’t think they were weak at all. Being able to express your emotions in a healthy way is a strength not a weakness. I have trouble expressing myself verbally and emotionally sometimes because of a lack of healthy communication growing up, that’s why I find it a lot easier to write. That and the fact that I was seeded on a planet in another dimension where there’s no physical form and communication happens energetically and telepathically. In my birth chart my Mercury is in Gemini (Mercury is the planet of communication, among other things, and it rules Gemini so my Mercury is exalted there) so that’s another reason why I’ve got a knack for writing.

These are some snippets that have been taken from the book Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton. This case involves a widow who meets her husband at the gateway following a long separation.

Case 13: (Page 48)
Dr. N: Who meets you right after death?
S: IT’S HIM! Eric…oh…at last…my love…
Dr. N: (after calming my client) This man is your husband?
S: Yes, we are coming together right after crossing over – before I see our guide.
Dr. N: Tell me how everything unfolds, including the way feelings of endearment are transmitted between you and Eric.
S: We start with the eyes…from a little distance away…looking deep into each other…the knowing of everything flowing between our minds…of all that we have meant to each other…our energy gets sucked up into a magnetic pool of indescribable joy blending the two of us together.
Dr. N: At this moment have you both assumed the physical form you had in the last life?
S: (laughing) Yes, very rapidly we start with the first time we met – how we looked to each other – and move through the phases of body changes during our long marriage. It’s not definitive because we don’t settle on just one year of our life together. It’s more…swirling energy patterns right now. We even pick up on other bodies we had together in previous lives, too.
Dr. N: Were you usually female in those lives?
S: Mostly, yes. Later, we will revert to a mixed gender pattern because there were good times in our past lives when he was female and I was male. (pause) But it is just fun right now to be the people we were in our last life.

Timelines and Body Choices (Page 360)
The screening rooms are helpful to those souls with reservations about accepting a covenant for the next life. For many, observing certain aspects of their future gives them confidence. Nevertheless, some apprehensive souls have said they refuse to enter the screens to directly sample bodies for fear they might lose their nerve in accepting a difficult life contract. The more intrepid souls feel the screening room is designed to foster just the opposite reaction because you are allowed to test the waters before jumping in. A poignant example of someone preparing for a trial is the selection of a homosexual body. Since a predisposition to being a gay or lesbian person is essentially biological and not the result of social learning or environment, these bodies are picked by souls for two basic reasons. As I have said before, at level I and II many souls choose bodies of one particular gender around 75 percent of the time because they are comfortable being male or female. I find that my gay and lesbian clients have started the process of alternating gender choices in their lives, which is reflective of the more developed soul. Choosing to be a gay male or a lesbian female is one means of affecting that transition in a particular life. Thus, their current sex may not be as familiar to them as the body of the opposite sex, such as a gay male feeling as if he is actually in the body of a female. The second and far more important factor is souls choosing a gay or lesbian orientation in advance of the life they are now living because they deliberately chose to exist in a society that would be prejudiced against them. My gay and lesbian clients are usually not young, inexperienced souls. If they go public, this means these people have decided to live a life where they will be swimming upstream in a culture with rigid gender role stereotypes. They must try and rise above public abuse in order to find self-esteem and self-identity. This takes daring and resolve which I see when I take these clients back to the life selection room when these decisions were made.”

As you can see, people who belong to the LGBTQ community are actually experienced souls who’ve lived many lives as one gender and then choose to live lives as the opposite gender. So a person who feels that they’re female inside but has been born male is just used to living lives as women. So of course a male body is gonna feel uncomfortable to them. I’m not saying people shouldn’t transition because of that, everyone should do what’s gonna make them happy and comfortable, I’m saying this to provide knowledge. I mentioned religion and the fact that they’re actually alien religions used by the ‘Ruling Elite’ to stop us from ascending and evolving in this post and this is where these ideas originate from. Another tool used by them is the media. Gender roles and gender stereotypes are heavily propagated by TV and film and have been for decades. I haven’t watched TV for about 2 years now. I still watch films though, I’m just very picky about what I choose to take in now and I tend to stick to what I’m interested in. It is a hard transition to make when it’s part of your daily routine but it’s definitely worth it. I started off cutting down the time I was spending watching it, to then only watching specific things and then just unplugging from it altogether. The new fear program they’ve concocted is the coronavirus. The more you hear/read about it the more you worry about it and the more you keep yourself in the 3D matrix, which is exactly what they want. So sure, do what you can to protect yourself (that’s if it’s even real) but carry on with your life. I’ve got a new laptop now and I’m picking up my new desk and chair tomorrow so I can start writing my scripts properly. I’ll have to take my new laptop with me everywhere though because the gangstalkers love breaking into my flat and stealing things then putting them back a few weeks later and messing with electrical items. More on that soon. One of the scripts is gonna be set in America and the other one’s gonna be set in the UK. The UK one’s gonna have an urban flavour and I already know who I want to be in it and who I want on the soundtrack.

Worry about yourself bro not me. Instead of calling me a psychopath you need to ask archangel metatron to release you from the false light matrix when you meditate cuz it’s clouding your judgement. It’s all in the books so you’re the one who needs to check their sources and do their proper research cuz you don’t know what you’re talking about.

“When we see cases of serial killers, we might label these people as either “born killers” or under outside demonic influences. This saves us the trouble of finding out why these murderers enjoy inflicting pain by acting out their own pain. There are no soul monsters. People are not born evil. Rather they are corrupted by the society in which they live. Hate takes away the reality of a hateful life”. Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton (Page 76-77).