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Money. Fame. Social rank. They’re all products of the 3D matrix. Those who’ve become too attached to and invested in their identities and their material wealth will be the one’s who’ll find it the hardest in the new world. There’ll be no more special treatment for a select group of people, there will be equality for all. If you’re below 51% service to others then you’ll be going back to the spirit world, you’ll still have your consciousness and your memories but you’ll be replaced by a soul that will be willing and able to unlearn all of the 3D programming.

Nothing will be the same. I finally understand why I’m treated with such disregard by the rich and famous, my ideas, values and beliefs threaten their very existence. Make no mistake, what you’ve been witnessing from me for the past 4 years has been me defending myself against constant attacks. They would’ve been happy if I killed myself, then feigned sympathy and continued to make money off me even when I was dead. Well I’m still here, and there’s a lot of pissed off people out there for that very reason.

Just remember, I’m ‘broke’, unemployed, ‘ugly’, have no social life, no big qualifications and yet I’ve got the world in the palm of my hand. The world is being shaped to my vision. Let that sink in.