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Pay attention to your dreams, they’re your subconscious mind trying to alert you to something. They’re also the most common way your spirit guides try and communicate with you. Think about any recurring dreams you’ve had throughout your life. Research them online or buy a book and start a dream journal.

Cultivate self awareness by practising introspection. Go within and study yourself. Note down what you find and think about any changes you’d like to make then work towards making them.

Tap into your intuition and learn how to separate it from your inner critic. Your inner critic lives in your mind and it’s often someone else who has criticized you early on in life or it’s born from bad experiences. Your intuition is more of a feeling or a knowing on a deep level.

Start doing shadow work. Your shadow is the part(s) of yourself that you don’t like or the part(s) you repress or deny. You won’t get anywhere by being in denial, you have to look at yourself as a whole, only then can you start integrating the dark with the light.

Don’t be discouraged by how difficult it is. It will be worth the effort. Don’t judge yourself either. Take your time, be kind to yourself and keep a journal to record your progress. Set weekly or monthly goals and celebrate your milestones by treating yourself.

Tune out unnecessary noise and distractions. Listen to some calming and soothing sounds, solfeggio beats are a good place to start. Read the links below and listen to the corresponding tone for what you’d like to achieve.

There’s loads of them on youtube, although I don’t use youtube I use which is an open source front end to youtube without the ads. *cue code change from google so it messes up*. This is my favourite one because it sounds heavenly, I listen to it everyday.

Wishing you all good luck on your journeys ✨