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I don’t mean that in a nasty way, this is just my analysis of things, if you’re hurt or offended by it then all I can say is, the truth hurts. 95% of the UK are asleep. When government orders to stay at home were first issued, many people defied them and remained on the streets, but they weren’t defying them out of knowledge of the truth about coronavirus, they were defying them out of ignorance and selfishness. The proof of that statement lies in peoples compliance both when the full lock down order was issued and throughout the lock down. No protests, not a single one, apart from a few protesters who camped outside dominic cummings’ home. People rushing to wear masks just because the government told them to, even though the science (the real science) says that they don’t help and can actually make things worse. And even when faced with the fact that two senior government advisors, who were directly involved in and responsible for the lock down decision, were caught breaking lock down orders and social distancing rules. Even though it’s been nice to see people outdoors again, the problem with “well if the government aren’t following the rules then why should we?” is that it’s missing the point. Don’t get me wrong it’s good that the question is being asked, but it seems that the majority of people aren’t looking any further than that. The question people should be asking themselves is, what is the underlying reason why two senior government advisors broke lock down and social distancing orders? The answer is because they know it’s all bullshit and they know how to protect themselves and their families if they do get coronavirus. They’ve known all along, and they’re laughing at the nation behind their backs. Well I’m not laughing. I don’t feel sorry for people any more either, or frustrated with them. I just accept it for what it is. One thing the coronavirus has done for the UK though is created a new sense of community, which can only be a good thing going forward (snitches not included). For me personally it’s brought back my compassion for people. Not just because I’m not being tortured and harassed 24/7 by gang stalkers, but because I’m seeing the genuine fear, fragility and vulnerability in people. I understand that the mainstream media are bound by ofcom and that there may be some people who actually wanna speak the truth but won’t for fear they’ll lose their jobs. But there’s a cost to freedom and change, and it’s called sacrifice.

I keep seeing articles saying not everyone will be taking part in the ascension process, many people will either leave the planet or choose to remain living in fear and the Earth will be ‘split’ in two with multiple timelines being activated. I was naive, I thought I could save everyone. I wanted everyone to experience the new world, but that’s not realistically possible. Not everyone’s ready to ascend and that’s just the way it is.