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As you can probably tell I’m as surprised as everyone else is in terms of current events. I believed it, I believed it would come, but I never knew exactly how or when it would happen. To us, this is our ascension. To them, it’s their harvest. As in the harvest of souls. There’s some talk going around that the coronavirus was part of their dark plan to kill millions of people and use it as a way to manipulate and distract us to further their agenda, and that they’re dumbfounded at what’s actually happening. If that’s true then I’m more than happy to have thrown a spanner in the works. That’s the least they deserve. What matters now is trying to save as many lives/souls as possible. The gangstalking has gone down to a bare minimum and the last abduction I’m aware of was just under 4 weeks ago. I know that because I woke up one day feeling like shit for no reason at all. My mood swings never come out of nowhere, they’re always triggered by something and there was nothing to be triggered about. They knew I was on my way to 5D again so they put in more circuitry and blocks to try and stop it. And as well as being scared of me they’re too busy trying to do damage control and work out where they go from here. I only hope all the other victims of gangstalking and abductees are as close to freedom as well.

Another thing that’s most important is the truth. I’m sure everyone’s heard of the illuminati, the freemasons etc. Well this document will tell you what goes on behind the scenes. It’s quite long, it’s very detailed and it’s extremely disturbing. I’m not gonna quote anything from it, you can read it for yourself. And I haven’t got much more to say about it because it speaks for itself. What I will say though is that a lot of people working in the agencies and institutions mentioned in it might not be aware of any of this, I think a lot of people go into these types of jobs thinking they’re helping people or protecting them, but sadly most of them are in it to help and protect themselves. Another thing is, I found this all very hard to rationalise when I first read it, so I’d suggest going back and reading the Hidden Hand interview again to understand why they do this.

The document is called ‘The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave’ and you can download the document here.