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Since it’s always all eyes on them, I think it’s only fair that the trials are public and televised. They get a kick out of tricking and fooling everyone, I wouldn’t really call them masters of disguise but they have studied acting, and if the trials are public and televised then the heat will definitely be on and we’ll all be able to see them in their true light, away from the movie screens and social media. Poetic justice, but I think that should be the last time, it most likely will be because a lot of the television networks are in on it themselves and I can’t see anyone wanting to watch tv after all this. Reality will soon be better than anyone could have ever imagined anyway (immersion over escapism). Anyone who follows pizzagate should be prepared for some of, or even a lot of these people to get off their charges. That’s another thing that needs to end, people being able to pay their way out of the crimes they’ve committed, and eventually it will (ascension) it’s been one rule for them and another rule for everyone else, like I said there’ll be no more of that, but first they need to feel it and experience it the way everyone else does. I’ve got my own ideas about rehabilitation, I definitely think dangerous people need to be separated from the rest of society but I don’t think locking people up for 23 hours a day is really the answer and it’s not good for people’s mental health. People can change, but I don’t think they’ll change for the better the way the prison system and the world itself is currently set up (wonder why that is). I think there needs to be more of a focus on therapy and talking/sharing sessions, group as well as individual. The earning and revoking of privileges I actually agree with, it’s like teaching children or anyone really, I think it’s a good way for people to learn, positive and negative reinforcement etc. And I think all inmates/offenders or whatever new term is brought into being to describe them should have free access to nature, even if privileges have been revoked. As a society we’ve lost touch with nature and the only thing a lot of people feel connected to is themselves and their own desires, so I think that would be a beneficial part of the rehabilitation process. A lot of them have been abused themselves and they think what they’re doing is normal or ok so they’ll have to work through their own trauma as well as accepting and taking responsibility for what they’ve done. They won’t be allowed to have children in future lives until they’ve learned their lessons and worked off their karma, I saw it in the akashic records in a dream I had after analysing ellen degeneres’ behaviour in her videos, and of course they shouldn’t be allowed near children, except for when they’re ready to face their victims in a controlled environment or write to them and offer a sincere apology.

The ascension is about the removal of evil and the hierarchies and systems of control and then working towards getting this planet as close to the spirit world as possible.