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I went to the park yesterday because I needed to get out and get some fresh air, if I had a garden I’d sit in there but I don’t. The sun was out for a change and I love sitting in the sun so it was nice. On the way there a group of people were about to walk past me and one of them coughed to the side of them without covering their mouth, probably gangstalkers, or probably just careless and thoughtless like a lot of people are being right now. I held my breath as I walked past them. Am I scared of death? No because I know the truth about life and death so I’ve got a healthy attitude towards it, but there’s still a lot I can do here on Earth and there’s people here I care about so I wanna stay. Look I’ll be honest, at first I thought this was some distraction ploy by the government and the media, I mean can you blame me? All they do is give you half truths and push their agendas. But seeing the effects of this on a socio-economic scale, it doesn’t really make sense for them to have done this on purpose because they’re the one’s who are suffering the most. The illusions are being illuminated, literally. The fatigue people are feeling isn’t just from the coronavirus, it’s from the cosmic rays of the sun, which have been proven to change DNA. Our bodies are adjusting to the new frequencies. It’s happening to all of us. How does the coronavirus fit into all of this? Well, this is really interesting actually, I found this video today while I was looking for something else – synchronicity – and I was amazed by what this guy talks about. This experience he talks about having, the timing is identical to when I had that flu I was talking about. I know I said I thought they abducted me and infected me with it to try and stop me from entering the higher dimensions, but after watching this video I think this blueprint transference was timed perfectly. It wouldn’t have really mattered if I didn’t find this video because the basis of what I was thinking still applies to the coronavirus situation but I’m glad I did. He mentions the decrease in air pollution in China and Italy and the toxicity in our food that weakens our immune system. You think it’s the coronavirus killing people? It’s the system that’s killing people. And the coronavirus is exactly what we needed in order to see it! This is all part of the divine plan. 20 minutes after I got to the park I saw a chemtrail plane flying above me and then I saw another one when I was looking out the window at the sky after I got home. Right so they order a lockdown to try and save people’s lives but they continue to drop this shit onto us? They don’t care man. $1trillion supposed to be pumped back into the economy? They’re not trying to save us they’re trying to save themselves and their precious system. The system relies on us to function, so we need to get rid of the idea that we need to rely on the system to survive and that we need others to run our lives for us. Going back to when I was at the park, there were a lot more people there than there usually is, and I can just sense a real shift in people’s energies. It’s like a weight’s been lifted. No work + No school = No slavery and No brainwashing. This is freedom. Feel it. Savour it. And let’s not let anyone take it away from us again.