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Social distancing and physical distancing is basically a test of self control. So when we see people not following these orders we shouldn’t be so quick to judge them. I’ll use an example, since the gangstalking started I’ve developed OCD, I wash my hands after touching pretty much everything, any bit of grub I have to wash it off, even when they’re not grubby I still feel the need to wash them. I also started sniffing chemical products like kitchen wipes, ethanol based anti-bacterial gel, nail varnish remover, anything with a strong chemical smell. I don’t know why but I’ve always liked the smell of these things, and I never used to wash my hands as much as I do now. Since it became full blown OCD, the smell and the sensation when I was sniffing it was addictive and it was like a high. I don’t sniff things any more but I do still wash my hands a lot more than usual. Because I couldn’t control what was happening to me, that manifested a set of behaviours where I did feel in control. And this is one of the things we’re seeing now as a result of the government orders. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have scientific experts and that we shouldn’t listen to them, what I’m saying is if the experts were listened to from the very beginning things wouldn’t be as bad as they are now. And if you look at how the virus is contracted the rules don’t even make sense. As long as you keep your distance from people I don’t think there’s any need to stay at home (this is just my opinion, not an official guideline). What I think’s happening is, they know if we’re in harmony with nature at a time like this it’s gonna make us even more contemplative and less likely to wanna go “back to normal”. So what the governments are doing is they’re using this as an excuse to double down on control and spread more fear with the militarisation of the streets and the police enforcing orders and issuing fines to people who are just trying to get some fresh air.

What you saw in my last post was 1) me coming to the realisation of my own power 2) me, being someone who likes to know what’s happening, not knowing what was going on and how things were gonna play out and having my biggest source of happiness and safety ripped away. And 3) me pulling rank. I haven’t made any moves. So boris johnson having coronavirus has got nothing to do with me. The coronavirus is a situation in and of itself. I don’t even think he’s got it to be honest. Probably just trying to elicit sympathy from people and he’s probably feeling the pressure and gone into retreat to figure out his next move. But what happened after I posted it was the next time I left the house, no helicopters, and as I was walking to where I was going I could smell a strong chemical smell, like paint or varnish. They do this a lot by the way, these are the tactics of abusers. They mix pain with pleasure/love and hate to maintain their control over you. So they stopped tracking me and did something “nice” for me because they were scared of what I was gonna do next. That’s all I really needed to know. And that only confirmed what I already knew anyway, I’m the one holding all the cards (the only game I’m playing is with them, and it doesn’t matter how much they bluff, we both know I’ve already won). I’d never gamble with people’s lives. Love is not a game to me either. I need to think about the tarot card reading I did and how it could easily go the other way. Then there’s donald trump with his antics. The cares act? There’s nothing caring or compassionate about making millions of people wait and suffer while a group of “qualified” people decide it’s time to sign a piece of paper, so that millions of people can have their basic needs met. It’s all lies. Smokescreens. “Don’t worry we’ve got it covered”. The only thing they’ve got covered is their own asses. And that’s fine, because when the rug gets pulled from underneath them they’re gonna feel that shift of power like a slap in the face. I don’t even need to do anything because the wheels have already been set in motion, it’s just a matter of time (I was willing to buy them some time and soften the blow in exchange for some things I needed, but they can’t be trusted so I don’t wanna do any deals with them. It’s too risky, I’ve got too much to lose and I’m not gonna be beholden to them, plus they need to be humbled). Apart from social and physical distancing and stay at home orders, this is the natural order of things. Balance is being restored. And soon the power will be reclaimed by it’s rightful owners, WE the people.

What’s happening right now is bittersweet. There’s the ascension and planetary awakening, which was prophecised by the Mayans. There’s lots of people dying, which is awful and could have been prevented, but in the kind of world we’re living in was inevitable (everyone who has died is either safe and sound in the spirit world or they’re still here in spirit trying to comfort their loved ones). By the way men, women and children were being murdered everyday in Palestine for decades and no one batted an eyelid about that. And for me, it’s like everything’s been leading up to this moment. I lived to see the ascension, I have a role in it, people are looking to me instead of looking down on me, and I’m finally at peace with myself.