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If we take a good look around us and continue listening to trusted sources, and more importantly ourselves, we’ll see that the systems and structures we live by are unstable, unsustainable, unhealthy and driven by fear, greed and survival. Panic, panic buying, fear of death, racial profiling of people who are Chinese, air travel halted and cities on lock down, closures leading to financial losses which then causes people to be forced into debt and poverty because they can’t work and the financial market crashing leading to recession. It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s up to us to break that cycle. In times of crisis people always pull together, and it’s a beautiful thing to see, but it shouldn’t take a crisis for that to happen. So you have to ask yourself what it is that prevents us from pulling together in everyday life. The answer is the 3D structures. They keep us separated and keep us in ego based thinking. Hierarchies. Social classes. Financial gaps. ‘I’ have to go to work, ‘I’ have to pay ‘my’ bills, ‘I’ have to feed ‘my’ family, It doesn’t affect ‘me’ so why should ‘I’ care. It’s ‘I’ and ‘me’ instead of WE. Identity politics. What do we base our identities on and why? Are we the sum of our material possessions? Are we only our ethnic backgrounds? Our genders? The countries we live in? No we’re not. The coronavirus is showing us who we really are. We’re a family. We’re one race and that’s the human race. Whether you’re self isolating or not, we’re all connected through this shared experience because it affects all of us, even if we haven’t got the coronavirus. But why do we have these ideas about ourselves? Because they tell us to. Them and their structures, and the tools and programs that feed them. Sectioning us off into our little boxes and making us run on our little hamster wheels with no time to think and no time to feel. Well it’s all crashing down now, and we can use this time to reconnect with ourselves and start thinking about what kind of world we wanna live in. I know I’ve been giving my own take on coronavirus and where I think it came from, and even though I still think it’s a possibility, it could be an act of God. Like Source it’s paradoxical, Source is all knowing yet it seeks to know itself. And we’re apart/isolated but still connected through this experience. Essentially this is a glimpse into a free society that’s based on values, not survival, material gain and control. If you take money and mechanisms of control out of the equation and replace them with values and freedom you get a much healthier and sustainable way of living. I’ll give you an example, I did some voluntary work recently. I cleaned up litter in some graveyards with a few other people and chopped up some branches to burn on a bonfire. I did it because I wanted to, not because I had to, and I enjoyed it. I was working with others, not for others, and I was tending to the Earth. And this is what’s gonna happen when the financial systems crash, there won’t be financial rewards, the reward is gonna be knowing that you’re helping others and the incentive will be doing it for the greater good. A shared effort and a shared responsibility. On what basis and by what means will people be able to acquire material things? I’m not sure. But I’m thinking something like having stations and workshops where people learn how to make things and whatever they make they can keep.