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If that’s what his real name is…

I remember all the excitement surrounding his campaign. The possibility that the U.S, with all of its history and present day problems, would see its first Black president. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve never really been into politics, I’ve voted twice in this lifetime, once when I was about 23/24 (I voted labour) and then I voted for Britain to leave the EU. But this particular election wasn’t about politics, not for Black people and mixed raced people with Black parents and relatives like myself, it was about the elevation of those who had been suppressed for so long. Cast aside because they weren’t deemed to be worthy of power and responsibility, of respect, and of the most basic human rights that only seemed to be awarded to White people. And in many ways still are. How many White 16 year old girls wielding knives are shot in the chest 5 to 6 times by a police officer accompanied by his colleague? Who as grown men, could’ve easily restrained her, but instead chose to gun her down as if she was a wild animal and kill her. Never mind the fact that she was a foster child most likely dealing with trauma, that could very well have been worsened by the COVID lockdowns and not being able to go to school. “She had a knife! So who gives a damn?”. And all of this and more happening during the final moments of the Derek Chauvin trial. It’s beyond belief.

Even though I had no interest in politics at the time I still felt a sense of hope when ‘Obama’ was elected. I thought things would change, I was sadly mistaken. During his two term presidency, ‘Obama’ did absolutely nothing to help Black Americans. The same way ‘Kammala Harris’ is doing absolutely nothing to help Black Americans. The irony is, the ticket to the seat she now holds was labelled “The first Black Female Vice President”, a ticket she happily and giddily rode on. A Black man in the White House, I thought at the time, how symbolic. I felt something, I think a lot of people did. Then I went on a journey of discovery, discovery of the truth. I found that these people in positions of power, in their minds, are in a league, class and race of their own. They think they’re better than everyone else. They don’t live in the real world, they live in their own world where the rules and laws they impose on us don’t apply to them. A world full of decadence, greed, degradation and depravity that none of us would be able to relate to. And they look down on us “little people” with disgust and contempt, even if we’re the same race/gender/religion as them. They serve their own interests, not the interests of the people.

Whenever someone criticised ‘Obama’, no matter how justified, I’d feel personally attacked and offended because I felt an affinity to him and Michael on the basis of race, and I thought the underlying cause of peoples criticisms was their racism. As you can probably tell, those days are over. I don’t identify with evil and I don’t think anyone else should either.