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I was just in a taxi and the taxi driver was making conversation with me, he mentioned the lockdown and how people aren’t listening, I said yeah because they don’t trust what the government are telling them. He agreed with me and he then went on to tell me about how the nurses he picks up from the local hospital tell him the hospital is empty and they’ve got nothing to do. I told him I’d heard stories about it and seen things on twitter with people in the U.S filming their hospitals, he went on to tell me about an anaesthetist he picked up who told him that he was warned not to take pictures of the empty beds in the hospital or he’d lose his job and be prosecuted. I don’t know any of these people and I’ve never met the taxi driver before.

The mainstream media who are falsely reporting about the overwhelmed hospitals and hospital staff should be ashamed of themselves. COVID-19 is a HOAX.